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  1. Jan Henneberg Jan Henneberg We’re hiring Pro

    Brno, CZ
    👨‍💻 Senior user experience designer at http://Kiwi.com • ✌️Helping to make traveling pleasant and the world more con...
  2. Denis Rojčyk Denis Rojčyk We’re hiring

    Focused on making mobile design process as efficient as possible. Taking care of the mobile app @designkiwicom
  3. Jan Blunár Jan Blunár We’re hiring

    Brno, Czech Republic
    Industrial, product and UX design. Currently intern in IDEO.
  4. Martin Jancik Martin Jancik We’re hiring

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    UX Designer @ Kiwi.com. Travelling the world and hopefully becoming a better designer. Absolutely addicted to running!
  5. Tales Ebner Tales Ebner We’re hiring

    Czech Republic
    UX Designer, focusing on the users' needs, to ensure following their point of view and that they will be able to use ...
  6. William Kolmačka William Kolmačka We’re hiring

    Brno, Czechia
    🥝 UI Engineer at Kiwi.com • Illustrator in free time 🚀 Working on our amazing Orbit design system