1. Avila - Brand Guidelines clean minimal specification spacing colors typography logo guidelines branding brand guideline
    View Avila - Brand Guidelines
    Avila - Brand Guidelines
  2. Avila - Business Cards typography symbol brand design logotype mark business cards branding logo
    View Avila - Business Cards
    Avila - Business Cards
  3. Avila - Branding Design identity symbol mark modern logo green brand guidelines logo design brand design branding logo
    View Avila - Branding Design
    Avila - Branding Design
  4. 09/ Edit - Dark user experience uiux working shifts calendar scheduling app schedule product design product saas app saas webapplication webapp
    View 09/ Edit - Dark
    09/ Edit - Dark
  5. 08/ Schedule - Dark saas design webapplication webapp design dark theme dark mode userinterfacedesign user experience userinterface dailyui ui dark ui dark week view calendar schedule dashboard
    View 08/ Schedule - Dark
    08/ Schedule - Dark
  6. 07/ Shift Edit - Version 02 webapplication webapp webplatform userinterface ui userexperiencedesign userexperience uxdesign ux scheduling app scheduler schedule navigation sidebar
    View 07/ Shift Edit - Version 02
    07/ Shift Edit - Version 02
  7. 06/ Schedule - Day View hover tooltip drag and drop shifts scheduler manager schedule app scheduling user interface minimal ux interfacedesign productdesign product webapp day view day date schedule
    View 06/ Schedule - Day View
    06/ Schedule - Day View
  8. 05/ Quick Crate productdesign webapp schedule app time slot shift quick picker interface design modern ux minimal user interface schedule
    View 05/ Quick Crate
    05/ Quick Crate
  9. 04/ Calendar Exploration figmadesign component interface simple modern minimal user interface calendar ui day week month datepicker date calendar
    View 04/ Calendar Exploration
    04/ Calendar Exploration
  10. 03/  Schedule webapp design navigation filters calendar webapp design minimal user interface list employees planning schedule app schedule
    View 03/ Schedule
    03/ Schedule
  11. 02/ Shift Editting modern minimal webapplication schedule edit shift webdesign product saas webapp ux ui interface user interface
    View 02/ Shift Editting
    02/ Shift Editting
  12. 01 / Sidebar Navigation interface saas modern minimal user interface schedule date position location filter calendar ux ui navigation sidebar navigation sidebar menu
    View 01 / Sidebar Navigation
    01 / Sidebar Navigation
  13. Modals/Danger🔥 webdesign gridsystem 4px modals modal design system webapp web modern minimal user interface ui
    View Modals/Danger🔥
  14. Library / Modals / More Modals design modern web ux webdesign user interface interface modal window modals ui
    View Library / Modals / More Modals
    Library / Modals / More Modals
  15. Unsplash - Collections picture camera collections social network social app card cards darkui dark photography photo app photo unsplash
    View Unsplash - Collections
    Unsplash - Collections
  16. Unsplash Home app user inteface clean ios minimal ui design cards homepage darkui photography unsplash
    View Unsplash Home
    Unsplash Home
  17. Intesa - My Cards and Transactions finance app manage card overview transaction interface app design cards ui bank app bank credit card cards balance app
    View Intesa - My Cards and Transactions
    Intesa - My Cards and Transactions
  18. Intesa - Menu and Payments cards transactions flat ui userinterface ios bankapp bank payments menu
    View Intesa - Menu and Payments
    Intesa - Menu and Payments
  19. Intesa - Exchange simple minimal uiux user experience user interface mobile app bank exchange ios
    View Intesa - Exchange
    Intesa - Exchange
  20. Intesa Mobile v03 ux user inteface ui minimal iphone ios design interface design bankapp bank app
    View Intesa Mobile v03
    Intesa Mobile v03
  21. Ikea Concept No.2 ios design design homepage filters user interface ux ui mobile app design store ecommerce concept ikea
    View Ikea Concept No.2
    Ikea Concept No.2
  22. IKEA - Concept ikea ui ux shop retail interaction furniture ecommerce concept app
    View IKEA - Concept
    IKEA - Concept
  23. Ucon Acrobatics hamburger menu about profile ux user inteface uiux ui shop modern iphone interface fresh flat ecommerce clean app design clean bags backpack app
    View Ucon Acrobatics
    Ucon Acrobatics
  24. WeTransfer Concept wetransfer motion interaction animation minimal website user interface ui
    View WeTransfer Concept
    WeTransfer Concept
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