1. Personal styleguide ruby javascript html css hamburger icon docs styleguide
    Personal styleguide
  2. Personal site redesign developer code blog portfolio
    Personal site redesign
  3. Commits listing github commits
    Commits listing
  4. Following listing following follow unfollow github
    Following listing
  5. Heisencat breaking bad octocat github
  6. 2012 Workspace
    2012 Workspace
  7. Total Bots stats graphs
    Total Bots
  8. More input, more input
    More input, more input
  9. trollface nodeknockout
  10. I WANT YOU!
  11. Intelligence
  12. Holy cow that's a lot of code pushes
    Holy cow that's a lot of code pushes
  13. This is War, fo rizzle
    This is War, fo rizzle
  14. Classified
  15. Live Calls map location calls stats dashboard
    Live Calls
  16. Code Block code css syntax
    Code Block
  17. Field guide take 2 css grid graph paper front-end engineer
    Field guide take 2
  18. A Front-End Engineer's Field Guide html javascript field blog guide
    A Front-End Engineer's Field Guide
  19. 2011 Workspace simplegeo lamp headphones redbull
    2011 Workspace
  20. CSS Rebound
    CSS Rebound
  21. 8-bit Kill Screen 8bit stars html5 canvas
    8-bit Kill Screen
  22. Deck of cards css3 css cards
    Deck of cards
  23. Tag a Product form blue photo upload product brand
    Tag a Product form
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