1. Food System Fragility Illustrations spot illustration article healthy health ladders pyramid socioeconomic covid19 covid inequality inequity equity food illustration food systems food
    View Food System Fragility Illustrations
    Food System Fragility Illustrations
  2. Food Waste Reuse Game ui design recipe maker recipes app waster reduction circular economy food icons icon game prototype cooking food food waste recipes
    View Food Waste Reuse Game
    Food Waste Reuse Game
  3. CoLab News CSS Grid template newsletter knockout type design columns periodicals 2025 design fiction fake stories fiction webdesign responsive css css grid website newspaper
    View CoLab News CSS Grid
    CoLab News CSS Grid
  4. Jeopardy Figma Template jeopardy trivia figma template figma digital tool digital game team building fun remote work game remote
    View Jeopardy Figma Template
    Jeopardy Figma Template
  5. Matty & Gianni peoples team valentine work retro gianni portrait art face head person people minimal vector portrait
    View Matty & Gianni
    Matty & Gianni
  6. Blueprint 2020 Brand Identity & Elements digital event event event design 2020 graphic design logo raster science fiction paperback void rainbows vhs 80s scifi space graphicdesign poster identity visual design brand
    View Blueprint 2020 Brand Identity & Elements
    Blueprint 2020 Brand Identity & Elements
  7. Blueprint 2020 Website void space planets sci-fi vhs retro 80s glow interaction webdesign design timezone realtime event website digital event event website
    View Blueprint 2020 Website
    Blueprint 2020 Website
  8. The Game of Strife 2020 Beta collaboration digital collaboration bonding team building component digital games community template fun play team activities team activities remote remote life figma board game figma board game game of life life
    View The Game of Strife 2020 Beta
    The Game of Strife 2020 Beta
  9. Blueprint 2020 Dynamic Design System figma tool teams design digital collaboration template event calendar timezones dynamic toolkit digital digital event collaboration design system event planning self-sufficient tool figmadesign figma
    View Blueprint 2020 Dynamic Design System
    Blueprint 2020 Dynamic Design System
  10. The Figsaw Puzzler resources game free template resource fun teambuilding team activity jigsaw jigsaw puzzle puzzle play community figma digital exercise group activity remote remote work creative wellbeing
    View The Figsaw Puzzler
    The Figsaw Puzzler
  11. Sustainable Products Chrome Extension behavior change climate action prototype food milk filter sustainability retail climate product design product design app chrome chrome extension
    View Sustainable Products Chrome Extension
    Sustainable Products Chrome Extension
  12. Website Update 2020 gifs grid new 2020 update designer personal website design portfolio design website
    View Website Update 2020
    Website Update 2020
  13. Defund the Police, No Justice No Peace open source free justice acab prison police design downloadable poster protest protest poster no justice no peace defund the police blacklivesmatter
    View Defund the Police, No Justice No Peace
    Defund the Police, No Justice No Peace
  14. Climate Change Questions ideo ideo colab questions share waste connection love consume consumption illustration earth climate article illustration hero image article climate change
    View Climate Change Questions
    Climate Change Questions
  15. Baby Blue - Climate is Changing brand vector activism mascot design design illustration think of the children blue baby blue ice cap mascot character sad climate crisis climate climate change earth sad earth
    View Baby Blue - Climate is Changing
    Baby Blue - Climate is Changing
  16. Quantum Computing Cards Illustration black and white minimal strokes cards starfield stars editorial quantum illustration quantum mechanics quantum computing space
    View Quantum Computing Cards Illustration
    Quantum Computing Cards Illustration
  17. Postcard from the Future - "Nascard" checker illustration design fiction future finish line stripes cars racing postcards from the future fusion energy electric vehicles stock car racing stock cars nascar
    View Postcard from the Future - "Nascard"
    Postcard from the Future - "Nascard"
  18. "Open Your Doors" Sticker team mental health help diversity beale sparkles transparent sticker portal door broke down amirite inclusion coexistence openness open your doors work culture
    View "Open Your Doors" Sticker
    "Open Your Doors" Sticker
  19. "Don't Spoil the Soil" bumper sticker conservation dont spoil the soil trash sticker soil no plastic no single use plastic flower farming recycling reuse earth climatechange car bumper sticker activism
    View "Don't Spoil the Soil" bumper sticker
    "Don't Spoil the Soil" bumper sticker
  20. Postcards from the Future Website ux design webdesign web illustration future stories send transform css animation interaction animation flip postcard interaction interaction design website
    View Postcards from the Future Website
    Postcards from the Future Website
  21. Continuum Projects brand exploration yellow angles grid letter m girder saw sawblade land development development company building construction exploration visual identity logo brand branding
    View Continuum Projects brand exploration
    Continuum Projects brand exploration
  22. Wellness illustrations - Sleep & Energy texture minimal womans woman sleeping people runner illustration healthcare energy sleep health wellness
    View Wellness illustrations - Sleep & Energy
    Wellness illustrations - Sleep & Energy
  23. Flat development company brand design monroe design vector land development company landscape minimal letter t construction development building company logo brand logodesign building design gerder building
    View Flat development company brand design
    Flat development company brand design
  24. EMcD Brandwork Samples organic plants flowers texture minimal geometric shapes badge design healthcare children mothers nutrition nutritionist health holistic health holistic visual identity logo brand
    View EMcD Brandwork Samples
    EMcD Brandwork Samples
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