Food Waste Reuse Game

In the latter part of last year, Parker and I created a cool little prototype game that allowed people to find recipes to make using whatever leftovers they had around along with stuff they had currently in their pantry. The game lets you run around to see what you can find for 3 minutes, entering things in as you go, it then launches into a recipe builder interface to highlight and make meals that you can cook with what you found.

Along the journey, it also finds substitutes for things that you might not have that is needed for a certain recipe (olive oil for butter, cauliflower for potatoes, etc.).

I experimented with a block based visual system for building and executing recipes by combining a tile system that had ingredients and actions along a horizontal axis with multiple levels to rethink written recipes, which often ask you to multi-task inside of a paragraph format, leading to confusing re-reads and mistakes.

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