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At the beginning of the year (before COVID), we did a design fiction exercise, writing predictions for what we wanted to accomplish as a studio in 2020. I wrote a bunch of news stories about all of us with fake headlines for what I thought our lives would look like in 2025 instead (Little did I know things would be turned all topsy turvy anyway just months later).

The fun part is, I wrote a template in CSS Grid for the entire thing to be responsive, naturally flowing as a website. I'm definitely going to reuse this for something else, but I don't know what yet.

This year has been hard for me personally in addition to the grievance that I know we all collectively feel. I lost my grandmother to cancer, I had major back surgery the same day the first COVID hospital lockdown started, and lost many of my greatest friends at work who moved on to different places. But despite all this, we've also come together to fight racial injustice, started shifting climate crisis work into our day-to-day focus, and began to grab pieces of our systems that need to be re-thought for the benefit of everyone's health instead of the few. These things give me more hope than made up stories, and I hope that 2021 can continue the work we've started to re-assess and re-create our systems to shift power in a better direction.

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