1. ⚡️ Recharge motion texture grit figma animation icon battery
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    ⚡️ Recharge
  2. Figlightenment light glow animation texture illustration figma
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  3. Indigo Icons barn tractor crop grow app iconography dark mode farm indigo icon
    View Indigo Icons
    Indigo Icons
  4. That’s All, Folks! gradient figma illustration faces avatar cartoon vector
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    That’s All, Folks!
  5. Fundamentals of Icon Design draw hand best practices iconography icons texture vector illustration editorial blog
    View Fundamentals of Icon Design
    Fundamentals of Icon Design
  6. Pared Scraps illustration knife chef cook prep food vector icons pared
    View Pared Scraps
    Pared Scraps
  7. Pared Benefits illustration icon 401k save health vacation business restaurant chef food benefits perks job
    View Pared Benefits
    Pared Benefits
  8. Dorkness Falls Across the Land figma illustration vector vampire frankenstein skull ghost scary spooky monster halloween face avatar
    View Dorkness Falls Across the Land
    Dorkness Falls Across the Land
  9. No. 1 Artist texture figma number pencil finger hand illustration
    View No. 1 Artist
    No. 1 Artist
  10. CHUNK Mini Icons glyph small chunky figma free iconography icon set icon pack icon
    View CHUNK Mini Icons
    CHUNK Mini Icons
  11. Icons & You — Build It in Figma education tab bar mobile ux ui constraints iconography grid keylines workshop fundamentals figma icons
    View Icons & You — Build It in Figma
    Icons & You — Build It in Figma
  12. Personas office spot illustration characters manager work jobs sales personas business
    View Personas
  13. Business Growth monoline store inflatable boxes helicopter illustration truck building size growth business
    View Business Growth
    Business Growth
  14. Defund the Police illustration editorial reinvest black lives matter police defund
    View Defund the Police
    Defund the Police
  15. Wow Bao Mascots mascot bowie character illustration vector restaurant food bao
    View Wow Bao Mascots
    Wow Bao Mascots
  16. Increase the Jelly principle figma gradient jelly metalab ux ui app icon
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    Increase the Jelly
  17. Lollipop Icons ux ui icon design icon iconography pitch presentation app metalab
    View Lollipop Icons
    Lollipop Icons
  18. Vector Famicom Cartridge illustration vector game meteor famicase famicom cartridge
    View Vector Famicom Cartridge
    Vector Famicom Cartridge
  19. Dream Garden Duo — Famicase 2020 multiplayer dream typography type illustration icon game famicom famicase cartridge
    View Dream Garden Duo — Famicase 2020
    Dream Garden Duo — Famicase 2020
  20. Figma Icons paperclip heart trash eye puzzle figma vector icon
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    Figma Icons
  21. Icons & You iconography icons presentation metalab ui ux figma deck education learning limitations constraints illustration
    View Icons & You
    Icons & You
  22. No Threads Yet state ux ui spool illustration productivity threads metalab app empty product
    View No Threads Yet
    No Threads Yet
  23. Threads States spool thread empty error state productivity product illustration ux ui
    View Threads States
    Threads States
  24. Threads Onboarding threads onboarding illustration metalab product messaging ux ui
    View Threads Onboarding
    Threads Onboarding
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