1. Stellwagen Group Logo Rebrand

  2. Stelltec Design System

  3. Light / Dark mode on Stellwagens Aviation product

  4. Icons library for Clinicjs.org tools

  5. Clinicjs.org rebranding of their site and tools

  6. Wireframing some screens for an Aircraft pricing tool

  7. Flights Details

  8. Job search for government and military contract work

  9. Simple bash command to create a directory structure

  10. Apps portal

  11. CurrencyFair Mobile Landing Page

  12. CurrencyFair iOS UI library and patterns

  13. Boost your profile

  14. Press and drag empty stage icon

  15. Ce n'est pas magique

  16. Avatars illustration plays

  17. Avatars illustrations

  18. Email promoting new authentication feature

  19. TouchID & PIN

  20. Two Factor Authentication

  21. Android Fingerprint Icon

  22. PIN Authentication

  23. Chemistry or sound

  24. Simple calculator UI

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