1. Holidu Styleguide styles guidelines logo branding holidu travel app ux ui design design system graphic design styleguides style style guide styleguide
    View Holidu Styleguide
    Holidu Styleguide
  2. Social Media Advertisement twitter instagram facebook white website design visual destination travel animation sicily mallorca istanbul social media advertisement
    View Social Media Advertisement
    Social Media Advertisement
  3. Tech Landing Page  🖥 branding travel illustration design sketch editor code technology tech landing page ux design ui design uiux ui
    View Tech Landing Page  🖥
    Tech Landing Page  🖥
  4. QR Code scanner microinteraction interaction design code iphone travel uix flat dailyui design ios app ux ui micro interaction micro animation interaction micro qr-code qrcode qr code
    View QR Code scanner microinteraction
    QR Code scanner microinteraction
  5. Apartment card 💎 vacation travel interaction design micro interaction daily ios app app design uidesign holidu rental apartment list view list ui list page list item list card ux ui
    View Apartment card 💎
    Apartment card 💎
  6. Booking Details & QR Code Interaction details flinto animation travel user my account my bookings confirmation booking confirmation holidu code scanner ux design uidesign scanner code qr booking qr code ux ui
    View Booking Details & QR Code Interaction
    Booking Details & QR Code Interaction
  7. Calendar and Guest selector interaction dailyui micro micro animation micro interaction microinteraction uix vacation holidu travel guest picker date picker guest calendar interaction animation interaction design ios app ux ui
    View Calendar and Guest selector interaction
    Calendar and Guest selector interaction
  8. Apartment Page iPad Layout 🏡 holiday holiday home vacation flight booking image gallery details home apartment travel uix flat dailyui design app iphone ios ipad ux ui
    View Apartment Page iPad Layout 🏡
    Apartment Page iPad Layout 🏡
  9. Minimalistic Profile Page 🌵 white sketch apple profile page user account user profile minimalism minimalist minimal app minimal flat dailyui design ios app ux ui
    View Minimalistic Profile Page 🌵
    Minimalistic Profile Page 🌵
  10. Settings Light/Dark Mode 🌚 options details debut profile micro interaction night mode night toggle settings dark dark mode uix flat dailyui design ios app ux ui
    View Settings Light/Dark Mode 🌚
    Settings Light/Dark Mode 🌚
  11. Tinder ⨉ Travel Concept 🍑 iphone x after effects flat design app ux ui app concept dailyui iphone ios app design micro interaction interaction transitions gesture matching travel app travel tinder
    View Tinder ⨉ Travel Concept 🍑
    Tinder ⨉ Travel Concept 🍑
  12. Vacation home details startup travel app travel holiday minimal minimalism vacation home vacation details booking app booking app concept apartment flat dailyui design ios app ux ui
    View Vacation home details
    Vacation home details
  13. Search bar Interaction 🕵️ search bar interaction ai uix dailyui sketch travel animation engine search iphone flat design ios app ux ui
    View Search bar Interaction 🕵️
    Search bar Interaction 🕵️
  14. Travel Guide flinto travel app animation travel dailyui design ios app ux ui
    View Travel Guide
    Travel Guide
  15. Discover article view prototype animation blog app mobile ios ux ui article
    View Discover article view
    Discover article view
  16. Review your vacation home app iphone prototype animation ux ui review rating ios mobile
    View Review your vacation home
    Review your vacation home
  17. Review Widget web mobile ios user experience ui ux holidu score rating review
    View Review Widget
    Review Widget
  18. Help & Support center helpdesk support search help faq ios user experience ui ux mobile
    View Help & Support center
    Help & Support center
  19. Emptystate Illustration card icon flat interface ui ux emptystate illustration animation
    View Emptystate Illustration
    Emptystate Illustration
  20. Availability Calendar Widget select dates book popup widget web app ui ux calendar
    View Availability Calendar Widget
    Availability Calendar Widget
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