1. Project illustration - SXXXXXY ui application app mobile reflection loop replace light signify lightbulb scan ecommerce e-commerce branding hands design illustration
    View Project illustration - SXXXXXY
    Project illustration - SXXXXXY
  2.  Full moon | Mid Autumn | Memory sand beach clouds liquid wave ocean sea water home hometown hands memory mid autumn festival full moon moon design illustration
    View  Full moon | Mid Autumn | Memory
     Full moon | Mid Autumn | Memory
  3. Project illustration - SXXXL illustration hand pin coin mobile payment payments loyalty nozzel fuelling gas station petrol map navigation mobile app service location application design mobile ui
    View Project illustration - SXXXL
    Project illustration - SXXXL
  4. "Hand-over" process hands design process bubble sea ocean zombie monster octopus water drive hand horse guiding handover
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  5. Waterfall waterflow flow water work ways of working develop development agile project management project waterfall design teamwork hands communication design process illustration
    View Waterfall
  6. "Onboarding" lights dark design communication design process hands stone magic dead zombie eye learning board onboarding onboard
    View "Onboarding"
  7. Crying for unknowns crying whale ocean iceberg skull unknown communication design illustration
    View Crying for unknowns
    Crying for unknowns
  8. Happy new year of ox! evil bull cow zodiac hole magic skeleton skull ghost chinese new year snake ox design illustration
    View Happy new year of ox!
    Happy new year of ox!
  9. Pull out of water hope trapped save life save bubble life saving drown water pull help friends hands team illustration design
    View Pull out of water
    Pull out of water
  10. Jungle eye adventure hidden danger secret amazon rainforest tropical forest woods loop reflection hand observe eye plants leaves jungle illustration
    View Jungle eye
    Jungle eye
  11. Fish and bubble | isolated lonely lockdown goldfish water underwater fish bubble quarantine life quarantine isolated individual team communication design illustration
    View Fish and bubble | isolated
    Fish and bubble | isolated
  12. Embrace Unknowns discovery adventure hands stars unknown space magic universe wings fly jumping design illustration
    View Embrace Unknowns
    Embrace Unknowns
  13. Three Lenses of innovation designprocess inspiration designthinking designer technical money heart hands viability feasibility desirability ideo lenses design process design illustration
    View Three Lenses of innovation
    Three Lenses of innovation
  14. Cynefin Piranha flower plant alien disorder simple chaos complicated complex decision making cynefin monster piranha plant piranha decision illustration
    View Cynefin Piranha
    Cynefin Piranha
  15. 'Team' creative fellowship team teambond teammates fellow buddy communication teamwork design process design illustration
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  16. Sensitising | Emotion | Memory | Sadness water clouds tear immersed dream memory sadness emotion sensitive mental health mental design illustration
    View Sensitising | Emotion | Memory | Sadness
    Sensitising | Emotion | Memory | Sadness
  17. Interaction flow design sprint mapping user journey hands steps ui flow journey storyboarding illustration
    View Interaction flow
    Interaction flow
  18. King Spades cute grumpy dark grumpy cat poker cards game poker spades king cats black hands design illustration
    View King Spades
    King Spades
  19. Illustrated Double Diamond 2 ways of working methodology teamwork design thinking process double diamond vector hands design process design illustration
    View Illustrated Double Diamond 2
    Illustrated Double Diamond 2
  20. Quarantine team sad design communication design process illustration teamwork lockdown coronavirus covid-19 homeoffice remote workfromhome isolation quarantine
    View Quarantine
  21. Energised team team work cheerful designsprint sprint service design energizer agile teamwork team energy scrum designer
    View Energised team
    Energised team
  22. Holding a fish select drawing digital illustration digital painting digital lake choose fish ripple holding water hands design illustration
    View Holding a fish
    Holding a fish
  23. Design system thinking system design ux dark lighting elements components design process ui design thinking illustration design system
    View Design system
    Design system
  24. Reflection | Retro work ripple lake water fish retrospective retro reflection design process design illustration
    View Reflection | Retro
    Reflection | Retro
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