1. Stripe Sessions explicit grid figma hero landing sessions sketch stripe
    View Stripe Sessions explicit grid
    Stripe Sessions explicit grid
  2. Rudberg toggle depth figma icon sketch toggle ui
    View Rudberg toggle
    Rudberg toggle
  3. Vercel Ship redesign brand figma logo marketing sketch ui
    View Vercel Ship redesign
    Vercel Ship redesign
  4. Small Bets redesign figma icon marketing sketch ui
    View Small Bets redesign
    Small Bets redesign
  5. Lingonberry Intelligence redesign brand branding figma icon logo sketch ui
    View Lingonberry Intelligence redesign
    Lingonberry Intelligence redesign
  6. Humane Cosmos: Analysis ai analysis cosmos figma humane pin projection sketch ui
    View Humane Cosmos: Analysis
    Humane Cosmos: Analysis
  7. Layers Redesign Mark II figma layers logo sketch ui web design
    View Layers Redesign Mark II
    Layers Redesign Mark II
  8. Guglieri Storm switch chrome figma opal sketch switch ui
    View Guglieri Storm switch
    Guglieri Storm switch
  9. Github Universe tightening figma github sketch solerieu ui universe
    View Github Universe tightening
    Github Universe tightening
  10. Framer AI redesign ai branding chatgpt figma framer gpt openai redesign sketch ui
    View Framer AI redesign
    Framer AI redesign
  11. Google Bard redesign bard chatgpt figma google google bard llm openai sketch ui
    View Google Bard redesign
    Google Bard redesign
  12. Bento cleaned up behance dribbble figma github gumroad icon instagram layers linkedin redesign sketch substack ui web builder
    View Bento cleaned up
    Bento cleaned up
  13. GreenBlog blog design editorial figma sketch ui
    View GreenBlog
  14. OpenAI logo redesign affinity designer ai brand branding chatgpt dall e figma logo midjourney openai pixelmator redesign
    View OpenAI logo redesign
    OpenAI logo redesign
  15. Sandoresque II apple branding figma icon ios sketch ui
    View Sandoresque II
    Sandoresque II
  16. Sandoresque app figma interface ios ios icon sketch system
    View Sandoresque
  17. Layers redesign community figma layers sketch ui design
    View Layers redesign
    Layers redesign
  18. Click me button design figma just for fun sketch ui
    View Click me
    Click me
  19. YouTube Redesign Tightened branding figma icons sketch ui design youtube
    View YouTube Redesign Tightened
    YouTube Redesign Tightened
  20. Linear hero…but with details app branding design figma icon linear mac macos psd sketch ui user interface
    View Linear hero…but with details
    Linear hero…but with details
  21. FUTO logo rebrand branding custom type figma glyph icon logo logotype rebrand sketch typography
    View FUTO logo rebrand
    FUTO logo rebrand
  22. FUTO Rebrand figma icon ios logo redesign sketch ui website
    View FUTO Rebrand
    FUTO Rebrand
  23. FUTO Fellows figma futo icon ios redesign sketch ui website
    View FUTO Fellows
    FUTO Fellows
  24. Remote Pro Icon for iOS and macOS app icon brand figma icon ios logo sketch ui
    View Remote Pro Icon for iOS and macOS
    Remote Pro Icon for iOS and macOS
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