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  1. Dasha Dasha We’re hiring

    Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
    👋 I'm good at creating logos, illustrations, stickers, and characters. I'm accepting freelance projects. Email me ✍...
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  2. Lisa Engler Lisa Engler We’re hiring

    Oakland, California
    Independent designer and illustrator! Founder of a large pile of dishes that aren’t gonna do themselves.
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  3. Cătălin Blănaru Cătălin Blănaru We’re hiring

    Bucharest, Romania
    > Open for business < Multidisciplinary Designer rocking Adobe apps to deliver cool and clean products.
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  4. Kristoffer Kvale Kristoffer Kvale We’re hiring

    Norway, Haugesund
    Kristoffer Kvale is a 22-year-old graphic designer based in Haugesund, Norway who specializes in web design and brand...
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