Household Energy Monitor : Prototype 1 (Design Assignment)

All screens are covered from the 1st prototype I designed for Household Energy Monitor Assignment. I am sharing further details in this shot which includes wireframes, Why I choose orange, black and white colors and why I choose DM sans fonts. I am giving an explanation for each and every detail in the attachment. Please check the attachment for details.

Once again let's go through the entire task:

Imagine you are designing an application (choose from: iOS, Android or Responsive web) that monitors household energy use by appliances (bulbs, heatin or washing machine etc.)and tracks consumption to help you predict the cost of your energy bills.

Please design a settings page(s), where a user would be able to control various appliances (turn on/off, set temperature etc.) and visualize the impact this would have on his/her bill.

● Use your preferred design software.
● Please provide your raw files, as well as PNGs and a small video showing the animation of the final design on submission.
I design three prototypes for this assignment on iOS platform. This screen is for all the screen from first prototype. I also created a video presentation that defines functionality which I will share at the later stage. I am sharing wireframes, detail screens analysis, my design decisions for colors, fonts etc in the attachment. ALL KINDS OF CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, SUGGESTIVE COMMENTS and INPUTS are welcome with all my heart. Many thanks for watching it.

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