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  1. Dave Tang Dave Tang We’re hiring Pro

    CN, Hangzhou
    I'm a UI/UX designer and pursuing a pixel design is my dream. If you have a new project, please contact me dave.zzev...
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  2. Ryanair Design Ryanair Design We’re hiring Team

    Dublin, Ireland
    We're in the middle of building the best digital travel products for web, mobile and whatever comes next.
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  3. Antoun Aziz Antoun Aziz We’re hiring Pro

    Lake Mary, FL
    BS Digital Arts and Design - Full Sail University MFA Media Design - Full Sail University Senior UX Designer - www.a...
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  4. Alexandru Stoica Alexandru Stoica We’re hiring Pro

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    Hi, I'm a UI/UX Mobile & Web designer with 7 years of experience. I enjoy working on awesome projects.
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