1. They Vote (By Mail) design editorial vector trump flat flat design illustration
    View They Vote (By Mail)
    They Vote (By Mail)
  2. We Voted (By Mail) editorial flat design vector trump design flat illustration
    View We Voted (By Mail)
    We Voted (By Mail)
  3. Untitled fashion design flat design flat illustration
    View Untitled
  4. A Lovely Hat hat design boy hat vector flat illustration
    View A Lovely Hat
    A Lovely Hat
  5. Prince Vegeta saiyan vegeta dragon ball super dragon ball z dragon ball vector flat design flat illustration
    View Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta
  6. 2018 Manchester Derby! flat design game day soccer shirts football derby man u man city manchester
    View 2018 Manchester Derby!
    2018 Manchester Derby!
  7. Tango Apasionado tuxedo dancing girl guy drawing flat design illustration tango
    View Tango Apasionado
    Tango Apasionado
  8. After Reading sun glasses glasses portrait flat illustration
    View After Reading
    After Reading
  9. Whitewall Digital Magazine ipad digital magazine layout design fashion art minimal magazine editorial
    View Whitewall Digital Magazine
    Whitewall Digital Magazine
  10. Shades of peach guy shades hat flat design design flat illustration
    View Shades of peach
    Shades of peach
  11. Winds of Fall hat boy fall flat flat design illustration
    View Winds of Fall
    Winds of Fall
  12. Morning reading book reading woman minimal print illustration icon image flat character woman
    View Morning reading
    Morning reading
  13. Gun Control political flat design illustration gun control guns ak47
    View Gun Control
    Gun Control
  14. Distinct Homme Spring—Summer spreads. typography layouts spreads design fashion editorial
    View Distinct Homme Spring—Summer spreads.
    Distinct Homme Spring—Summer spreads.
  15. Are you lost in the "Sauce" liquid type type liquid lettering illustration
    View Are you lost in the "Sauce"
    Are you lost in the "Sauce"
  16. Very Presidential usa vector walking walk animation evolution trump president
    View Very Presidential
    Very Presidential
  17. Rocketmen political motion flat design illustration peace bomb trump kim
    View Rocketmen
  18. Trump(lack-of)care illustration bill health care trump
    View Trump(lack-of)care
  19. Paris Agreement trump climate paris illustration world
    View Paris Agreement
    Paris Agreement
  20. Paris Agreement illustration trump paris agreement syria nicaragua usa
    View Paris Agreement
    Paris Agreement
  21. Paris Agreement america melt illustration paris agreement trump
    View Paris Agreement
    Paris Agreement
  22. January 2017 — Women' March stop motion cutouts animation
    View January 2017 — Women' March
    January 2017 — Women' March
  23. February 2017 — Day without immigrants type animation newspaper cutouts new york times stop animation
    View February 2017 — Day without immigrants
    February 2017 — Day without immigrants
  24. Untitled 2 - WIP cel animation faces face frame animation illustration
    View Untitled 2 - WIP
    Untitled 2 - WIP
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