1. Shot Signup Form onboarding registration sign up
    Shot Signup Form
  2. Illustration Set business chat checklist id badge save time trends get started secure save money devices icon set
    Illustration Set
  3. Onboarding - Verify Your ID image validation drag drop file upload first run experience onboarding
    Onboarding - Verify Your ID
  4. ​ Meet the new CurrencyFair product design launch system redesign identity brand
    ​ Meet the new CurrencyFair
  5. Exchange modal exchange onboarding modal
    Exchange modal
  6. Email promoting new authentication feature credentials login pin fingerprint fingerprintid promotion marketing campaign email authentication touchid
    Email promoting new authentication feature
  7. TouchID & PIN id touch ios security authentication login pin touchid
    TouchID & PIN
  8. CF - Business Onboarding Steps first run experience onboarding steps progress bar progress
    CF - Business Onboarding Steps
  9. Sidebar Navigation iphone5 ios menu mobile navigation sidebar
    Sidebar Navigation
  10. Debit Cards credit card debit card payment accordion radio
    Debit Cards
  11. Test landing page for CurrencyFair currencyfair homepage landingpage fullscreen
    Test landing page for CurrencyFair
  12. Bio Card Tooltip tooltip bios cards profiles
    Bio Card Tooltip
  13. Section on Features page. people photography collage design
    Section on Features page.
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