1. Pendentive Twitch Icon

  2. You never design alone...

  3. This too harsh?

  4. You take that one!

  5. Simple: 100% All-natural Honey.

  6. Let's split...

  7. A Glimpse into My Mind

  8. Type Exercise: The Tallest Tower

  9. Bloop Bloop

  10. Ad Astra Per Aspera: To the stars through difficulty.

  11. Früt: A Conceptual Image

  12. Don't watch they days go by...

  13. Logo and Icon: Collection II

  14. Bartling Boards Early Logo Design

  15. Hays Symphony Logo and Promo

  16. Daily life: Round I

  17. Ergos Kitchenware: Ergonomic + Style

  18. Logos and Icons: Collection I

  19. Worlds Apart, Cities Connected. A photojournalism exhibition.

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