1. Te Amo Mamá

  2. High school love

  3. Illustrate this spook little pirate guy!

  4. Cute Logo! Hola Mijas Bonitas

  5. Created a new character for my Hola Mijas Bonitas!

  6. Cabrona y Bonita Keychain

  7. L.A. Latina Girls Stickers

  8. 90’s L.A. Hip Hop Girls!

  9. You Got This

  10. Latina inspired stickers ❤️

  11. New Lapel Pin Chingona Si Soy! (I’m a Bad Ass)

  12. What perfect way to say I love you! Hehe

  13. Cactus sugar skull lapel pin

  14. Cutie Valentine’s Vector Art

  15. Old school

  16. Holiday Embroidery Wreath!

  17. Love my cactus!

  18. Acrylic painting 💗💗work in progress!

  19. AMIGAS embroidery

  20. Testing out my new button maker machine!

  21. Decided to create my cute heart shape donuts into lapel pins

  22. Mujer Power! Women Power!

  23. Cute cactus inspired by: Say Anything 80’s movie

  24. Spill the gossip, love you F much, But like...why?

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