1. HR Manager – HR process management platform dashboard hr managment kanban system app uiux hiring recruitment human resources projectpeople web app pipeline drag and drop platform hr clean minimal design ui
    View HR Manager – HR process management platform
    HR Manager – HR process management platform
  2. Share modal bootcamp document glass effect modal window modal share minimal concept ui design clean
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    Share modal
  3. Lingu – platform with online language courses web app design interface courses schedule classes timeline learning platform progress education ui design concept ui clean dashboard platform course language
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    Lingu – platform with online language courses
  4. Account Details Dashboard userinterfacedesign clean ui minimalist account account details account settings dashboard uidesign simple clean interface illustration minimal dashboard app app dashboard ui concept design clean ui
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    Account Details Dashboard
  5. Mobile Sign up ui clean adobexd sign up form illustration onboarding mobile ui sign up
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    Mobile Sign up
  6. Watchroom – online store ecommerce shop online shop online store website webpage webdesign concept clean sale blog shop products simple clean interface layout homepage watches fashion ecommerce
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    Watchroom – online store
  7. Product page ecommerce online store online shop website concept layout exploration layout design webpage website sizes casual design clean watches minimal fashion add to bag shop watch ui product page
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    Product page
  8. Credit card checkout credit card credit card form mobile cards cart basket concept ebook payment form design ui dailyui minimal clean mobile ui card checkout
    View Credit card checkout
    Credit card checkout
  9. Minimal ecommerce store firstshot ecommerce shop grid desktop website typography whitespace watches clean minimal design
    View Minimal ecommerce store
    Minimal ecommerce store
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