Hi Friends! My name is Alayna Mines and I'm the Head of Sales here at Team Dribbble! In short, I love dogs (I have two adorable doggos!), yoga (I'm a certified yoga instructor just for fun) and spending time with my family & my husband.

I believe in authentic relationships, the power of positivity, and working with high-performing teams that deliver powerful solutions (like the folks here at Team Dribbble!). I have a strong history of leading teams that win, and who are driven by the mission of delivering exceptional results that make a difference in the lives of our clients.

I’ve learned that:
⁃Pushing your limits isn’t always fun, but it catalyzes growth, builds character, and if you’re lucky, inspires someone.
⁃Communities thrive when they are able to connect & share with the world around them in a unique, impactful, and original way.
⁃Authenticity & empathy rule.

Orlando, FL

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