1. Experimentation on Ai
    View Experimentation on Ai
    Experimentation on Ai
  2. 3D Monster shortcut spot cartoon animation monster blender 3d
    View 3D Monster
    3D Monster
  3. Urban Aesthetic Optimization abstract street-art spray wall painting art graffiti
    View Urban Aesthetic Optimization
    Urban Aesthetic Optimization
  4. 3D animation (bis) fridge shortcut blender 3d animation
    View 3D animation (bis)
    3D animation (bis)
  5. Design for T-Shirts duotone propagandist propaganda textile t-shirt design graphic
    View Design for T-Shirts
    Design for T-Shirts
  6. Generative Experimentation generated image generative design program experimentation generative generated processing
    View Generative Experimentation
    Generative Experimentation
  7. Motion Design - What's the Weather like Today ? after effect motion design 2d animation
    View Motion Design - What's the Weather like Today ?
    Motion Design - What's the Weather like Today ?
  8. Let's animate a fridge ! blender animation 3d
    View Let's animate a fridge !
    Let's animate a fridge !
  9. Lumières - "Mise au Point" visual identity 20s poster webdesign
    View Lumières - "Mise au Point"
    Lumières - "Mise au Point"
  10. Enjoy the storm canvas painting
    View Enjoy the storm
    Enjoy the storm
  11. Finding Ideas interactive design organic pattern generative design interactivity p5js processing
    View Finding Ideas
    Finding Ideas
  12. Blooming flower organic pattern generative design processing
    View Blooming flower
    Blooming flower
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