IoT sensors live preview

April 28, 2021

Hi folks 👋! This is the last shot that showcases the dashboard views that allow observing various parameters 📊. These are temperature 🌡️, CO2 concentration 😮‍💨, and humidity 💧 level in the halls or rooms. The dispatcher (admin) can se...

Administration dashboard with multilevel view

April 28, 2021

Hi folks 👋! It's not easy to administer things. But with an easy-to-read dashboard that visually shows the real state of the determined parameters, it might be a piece of cake 🍰! Here's a solution we crafted for the airport industry ✈...

Real-time peoples’ flow

April 27, 2021

Hello 👋 It is no secret that smartphones shape the future of airports ✈️. They help customers to navigate terminals, check-in and even display boarding passes. There's a tool that delivers data related to real-time human cluster tracki...

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