1. Home, safe home 🏑 monitoring alarm sleep entry and exit activity history household protection weather day to night home security simple modes transitions smarthome ux ios app home automation
    View Home, safe home 🏑
    Home, safe home 🏑
  2. Noonlight is App of the Day πŸŽ‰ clean ui clean design women empowerment womens day 911 pin location tracking location itunes mobile app security app ios app design ios mobile app ux ui safety
    View Noonlight is App of the Day πŸŽ‰
    Noonlight is App of the Day πŸŽ‰
  3. Account Creation web oauth ux ui form monitoring home safety blue integration connected smarthome white simple clean desktop login sign up sign in authentication
    View Account Creation
    Account Creation
  4. Logos, labels, and buttons, oh my! disconnect connect simple security safety monitoring home iot startup symbol brand assets guideline integration white blue gradient button api logo
    View Logos, labels, and buttons, oh my!
    Logos, labels, and buttons, oh my!
  5. Ahhh. You're safe now. gradient light blue keypad breathing panic button ux ui ios app smile simple calm airy animation motion countdown pin safety
    View Ahhh. You're safe now.
    Ahhh. You're safe now.
  6. Noonlight Sign In / Sign Up brand simple account stripe payment verify permission pin blue white ui ux noonlight authentication integration connect login sign up sign in oauth
    View Noonlight Sign In / Sign Up
    Noonlight Sign In / Sign Up
  7. Designing a wireframe permission pin payment simple mobile web process button styles guidelines errors layers oauth logout login sign up sign in ux ui wireframe
    View Designing a wireframe
    Designing a wireframe
  8. New look, who dis? simple gradient visual design app design mobile clean ui color blocking flat design ios keypad button panic safety calming outline light airy blue flat minimalist
    View New look, who dis?
    New look, who dis?
  9. Noonlight - now on Apple Watch 😎 emergency cancel pin black gradient red blue technology wearable gps safety calm button panic alarm simple ui ios apple watch
    View Noonlight - now on Apple Watch 😎
    Noonlight - now on Apple Watch 😎
  10. Simple VS Reality - Noonlight Watch OS Wireframe perspective ui edge case sos panic button safety wireframe design app timer cancel pin process noonlight alarm ux ios apple watch wireframe
    View Simple VS Reality - Noonlight Watch OS Wireframe
    Simple VS Reality - Noonlight Watch OS Wireframe
  11. Connect the [safety] dots profile safety web illustrator siren hub stroke police ambulance firetruck connect account simple dot vector outline white blue icon design icons
    View Connect the [safety] dots
    Connect the [safety] dots
  12. Silent Home Alarm - iOS Widget monitoring keypad button calm minimize modal gradient notification lockscreen confirmation pin color blocking red blue cancel alarm ui ux widget ios
    View Silent Home Alarm - iOS Widget
    Silent Home Alarm - iOS Widget
  13. Noonlight Logo process noonlight gradient branding vector logo
    View Noonlight Logo
    Noonlight Logo
  14. Process makes perfect clean location tracker minimal product design red redesign ios gps ping beacon card cancel emergency button panic alarm location map before and after process
    View Process makes perfect
    Process makes perfect
  15. Before // After minimal entry code pinpad pin button panic alarm light clean ring delete numbers keypad countdown app flat redesign process before and after
    View Before // After
    Before // After
  16. 2016 vs 2019 visual light mode dark mode blue calming ios simple light clean redesign button flat minimal usability ux ui sketch process after before
    View 2016 vs 2019
    2016 vs 2019
  17. Button Exploration interactive ui work in progress clean white dark blue hold press usability buttons dark mode light mode minimalism shadow process flat panic button minimalist
    View Button Exploration
    Button Exploration
  18. Show More / Show Less ios ui widget lock unlock lock screen animation safety 2 step app alarm panic button show more show less collapse expand ios 12 false alarm access
    View Show More / Show Less
    Show More / Show Less
  19. Noonlight Widget keypad pin alert fast discreet silent safety trigger lock screen app ios ui help emergency sos button alarm panic accessibility widget
    View Noonlight Widget
    Noonlight Widget
  20. Send Help / Set Timer help ui ux countdown button panic emergency gps pin black gradient watch os safety blue red timer alarm wearable ios apple watch
    View Send Help / Set Timer
    Send Help / Set Timer
  21. Wherever life takes you layout clean outline illustration life danger peace of mind shadows protection medical car home white blue startup safety vector
    View Wherever life takes you
    Wherever life takes you
  22. Blue or white? icon app design gradient safety startup airy peaceful calming white blue splashscreen logo branding ios mobile app icon
    View Blue or white?
    Blue or white?
  23. noonlight.com line art blue white monitoring website layout ui safety startup simple clean branding
    View noonlight.com
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