1. Personal splash page portfolio
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    Personal splash page
  2. Trip Optimiser App app dredging insights trip optimiser uiux van oord
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    Trip Optimiser App
  3. Figma Plugin: Auto Layout Sorter auto layout design tools figma plugin sorter uiux
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    Figma Plugin: Auto Layout Sorter
  4. Sketch Plugin: Snap to 8pt Grid Plugin (Neuomorphism experiment) 8pt design toos grid guides neuomorphism plugin sketch snap uiux
    View Sketch Plugin: Snap to 8pt Grid Plugin (Neuomorphism experiment)
    Sketch Plugin: Snap to 8pt Grid Plugin (Neuomorphism experiment)
  5. Sketch Plugin - Metaball arc bezier inner tangents math metaball outer tangents plugin sketch sketchapp tangents
    View Sketch Plugin - Metaball
    Sketch Plugin - Metaball
  6. Nederlands Fotomuseum App app edvanderelsken fotomuseum image recognition in10 motion nederlands prototype ui
    View Nederlands Fotomuseum App
    Nederlands Fotomuseum App
  7. Bugles. bugles design generative loop motion noise pastel colours processing randomness
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  8. Scribbles. design generative generativeart math processing scribbles
    View Scribbles.
  9. Dotnut. art design donut dotnut dots generative loop mathart noise pastel random
    View Dotnut.
  10. Some fun illo's. affinity flat illustration noise sports texture vector
    View Some fun illo's.
    Some fun illo's.
  11. Swaying Variable Font. drawbot experimental experimental typography font glyphsapp motion sans sway swaying type typography variable work in progress
    View Swaying Variable Font.
    Swaying Variable Font.
  12. S. art colourful design drawbot generative art generative design letters loop motion programming python s typography variable font
    View S.
  13. Bars. art bars barstool design generative graphic minimal rejected
    View Bars.
  14. Fibonacci. blendmodes design fibonacci generative geometry graphic math mathart minimal moving processing
    View Fibonacci.
  15. Wobbly. after effects after effects animation circles design doodle ellipses expressions generative gif graphics loop minimal motion
    View Wobbly.
  16. Rotangles. after effects design expressions generative graphics loop minimal motion rectangle rotangles
    View Rotangles.
  17. Triangles ae aerospace after effects expressions graphics loop motion triangle
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  18. Sitting Animal Series: Baboon animal ape baboon doodle illustration illustrator monkey series sitting zen
    View Sitting Animal Series: Baboon
    Sitting Animal Series: Baboon
  19. Sitting Animal Series: Hippo animal doodle drawing hippo hippopotamus illustration raster series sitting
    View Sitting Animal Series: Hippo
    Sitting Animal Series: Hippo
  20. Sitting Animal Series: Lion animal doodle hungry illustration illustrator lion procreate rawr sitting sketch
    View Sitting Animal Series: Lion
    Sitting Animal Series: Lion
  21. Sitting Animal Series: Giraffe animal doodle drawing giraffe illustration illustrator procreate sitting
    View Sitting Animal Series: Giraffe
    Sitting Animal Series: Giraffe
  22. Sitting Animal Series: Rhino animal doodle drawing illustration procreate rhino series sitting zen
    View Sitting Animal Series: Rhino
    Sitting Animal Series: Rhino
  23. Sitting Animal Series: Elephant aftrica bird doodle drawing elephant illustration illustrator mobile procreate social
    View Sitting Animal Series: Elephant
    Sitting Animal Series: Elephant
  24. Sitting Animal Series: Shark doodle fish illustration practice procreate raster shark
    View Sitting Animal Series: Shark
    Sitting Animal Series: Shark
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