Figma Plugin: Auto Layout Sorter

Forgot to post this on Dribbble but a little while ago I created my first Figma plugin!

This plugin helps you sort child layers of an Auto Layout frame based on their common text layer names. It's an ideal plugin if you work a lot with tables or long lists of components and you don't want to spend time and manual labour to sort each layer by hand. With this plugin you can sort your layers with just a few clicks

**How it works**

1. Select an Auto Layout frame and make sure it has child layers with corresponding text layer names

2. The plugin will check what text values can be sorted and displays this in the plugin interface.

3. Choose the type of text value you want to sort

4. Choose ascending or descending

5. And lastly → hit the 'Sort' button

You can find it over here:

Posted on Jun 11, 2021

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