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So, you like animals? Feel free to browse all my animal-themed logos. :)

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Overwolf Logo

March 04, 2016

Wrapped up this logo for Overwolf, an app platform that allows PC gamers to add extra functionality to their games that will help them improve and win. This badass wolf should be going life in the near future.

Kalm Logo

January 19, 2016

Recently wrapped up this mark for a Dutch webdeveloper. He wanted something calm and mindful. Let me know what you think!

Parrot Logo #2

November 20, 2015

Another go at the parrot logo. This time not just the head but a full body. Let me know your thoughts and if you see room for improvement. Also check out the attached variations.


November 04, 2015

I've been working on another animal themed logo. :) Check out the a attachment for the different variations of the logo. My client and I would like to gather some impressions and feedback on this bird. Let us know your thoughts below, o...

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Musicparrot Logo

January 12, 2015

I recently completed this logo for a music-themed online service. It was a good challenge to create a parrot that is simple, unique, and recognisable from a front-view. Note that the light-on-dark version has different eyes than the da...

Provolve IT

April 22, 2014

Just wrapped up this logo project for Provolve IT, a Dutch company specialized in Application Packaging and Virtualization. The mark represents growth, movement, evolving, without looking cute. Let me know what you think! Logo

February 24, 2014

Logo I created @Emiel Janson's project is a super lightweight design collaboration tool. Check it out! The process of this logo creation will be shared in my upcoming Skillshare course on logo design.

Polyon (Revised)

January 17, 2014

@Jonno Riekwel Has decided to adopt my polygon lion for something special (! More soon... :) I pretty much reconstructed the whole face. Jonno prefers this version without the gradients. No long drop shadow though! ...