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  1. Hand made typography. I am not great at it. Perhaps one day. I have great respect for those that are skilled at it.
    23 shots
    Updated April 12, 2016
    1. So, you like animals? Feel free to browse all my animal-themed logos. :)
      33 shots
      Updated March 04, 2016
      1. These logos are simple, iconic, fileld shapes. Keeping it simple and legible at small sizes. These curves are hard to make though!
        13 shots
        Updated January 27, 2016
        1. What can I say? Some sweet concepts are going unused. Such a shame! Hm, perhaps I should sell them... Wait, lets do it! ;)
          7 shots
          Updated March 04, 2015
          1. 1 shot
            Updated November 05, 2014
            1. Awesome project for a small geo-distributed team of application makers.
              3 shots
              Updated April 10, 2014