1. Quote page animation pricing page price quote insurance dark mode dark ui animation gradient web ui
    View Quote page animation
    Quote page animation
  2. Radically better future futuristic bold bright cyber neon vivid cars vehicles characters design illustration
    View Radically better
    Radically better
  3. Cuvva widget polic docs tax mot active policy policy active cuvva car insurance insurance app insurance mobile widgets ios14 widget
    View Cuvva widget
    Cuvva widget
  4. Light mode / dark mode home screen home cuvva dark ui light ui ui light theme dark theme dark mode dark light mode light
    View Light mode / dark mode
    Light mode / dark mode
  5. Welcome screen cuvva blue light animation illustration mobile uiux ui sign up sign in welcome screen welcome
    View Welcome screen
    Welcome screen
  6. Cuvva's Design System Icons fintech insurance insuretch cuvva android ios app icon design custom token design system ui iconset icons design brand
    View Cuvva's Design System Icons
    Cuvva's Design System Icons
  7. Driving Incidents 🚘πŸ’₯πŸš™ fintech button ux ui declare form incidents mobile iphone ios app ios interface insurtech insurance design illustration app design app
    View Driving Incidents 🚘πŸ’₯πŸš™
    Driving Incidents 🚘πŸ’₯πŸš™
  8. Bumper! 🐢 car insurance travel video games insurance app insurance car fun play dog character design logo 2d art charactedesign 2d character illustration
    View Bumper! 🐢
    Bumper! 🐢
  9. πŸŽ‰ Refer a friend! insurance iphone illustration confetti ux interface design insurtech ui app ios app mobile ios referral refer
    View πŸŽ‰ Refer a friend!
    πŸŽ‰ Refer a friend!
  10. Home screen redesigned insurance app insurance vehicle car policy ui home home screen interface insuretech app mobile
    View Home screen redesigned
    Home screen redesigned
  11. Get going. Get covered. Billboard london advertisment advertising branding fun insurance app design illustration
    View Get going. Get covered. Billboard
    Get going. Get covered. Billboard
  12. New website navigation & dropdown ⭐️ animation uxui illustration engaging fun dropdown navigation web design web
    View New website navigation & dropdown ⭐️
    New website navigation & dropdown ⭐️
  13. Food Bank Finder fintech product design product search ios iphone ui app insurance insurtech cuvva map finder food foodbank
    View Food Bank Finder
    Food Bank Finder
  14. Scan your licence placeholder license camera scan insurtech insurance android iphone design app ui
    View Scan your licence
    Scan your licence
  15. Train strike! πŸš‚ london character animation character design train station traffic train artwork 2d animation ui ux motion graphics motion design
    View Train strike! πŸš‚
    Train strike! πŸš‚
  16. Our new homepage  πŸŽ‰ homepage product design web ux ui website icon logo character branding design illustration
    View Our new homepage πŸŽ‰
    Our new homepage πŸŽ‰
  17. ✨ Updated magic link journey figma protopie animation flow login sign up fintech application iphone design app ui ios
    View ✨ Updated magic link journey
    ✨ Updated magic link journey
  18. We've updated our payments! design app ui mobile ios cuvva card details view card subscription billing apple pay pay card wallet payments payment
    View We've updated our payments!
    We've updated our payments!
  19. Like water sports? flat app vector gradient graphic website ui graphicdesign icon logo sketch character branding design illustration
    View Like water sports?
    Like water sports?
  20. Visiting something new ios 10 fintech insurance travel ui simple app characters design vector flat illustration ios 12 animation ios
    View Visiting something new
    Visiting something new
  21. One feed for insurance typography hiring fintech insurance travel flat cards ui clean app design clean app table simple clean vector ux ui design app iphone
    View One feed for insurance
    One feed for insurance
  22. How can we help? app vector typography graphic ux ui icon sketch character branding design illustration
    View How can we help?
    How can we help?
  23. Choosing sports and activities engaging fintech travel app carousel control slider ux insurance travel branding animation design mobile iphone app
    View Choosing sports and activities
    Choosing sports and activities
  24. Signing up in app for Travel insurance ✈ typography travel app vector design characters flat illustration skeuomorphism ux ios ui
    View Signing up in app for Travel insurance ✈
    Signing up in app for Travel insurance ✈
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