1. Running Supply astro figma minimal web website
    View Running Supply
    Running Supply
  2. Running Supply figma web web design website
    View Running Supply
    Running Supply
  3. Conversion Onboarding figma ios mobile ui
    View Conversion Onboarding
    Conversion Onboarding
  4. Log Me In design figma login minimal oauth ui
    View Log Me In
    Log Me In
  5. Survey says...
    View Survey says...
    Survey says...
  6. Str8 2 Cart animation figma motion graphics ui
    View Str8 2 Cart
    Str8 2 Cart
  7. Excited to announce announcement figma mobile notification ux web
    View Excited to announce
    Excited to announce
  8. Thank god the office has snacks animation feedback figma motion graphics nps ui
    View Thank god the office has snacks
    Thank god the office has snacks
  9. Recoverbar.app mac minimal native react native ui
    View Recoverbar.app
  10. Read The Room: A Survey graphic design hybridwork office research survey ux
    View Read The Room: A Survey
    Read The Room: A Survey
  11. Office Pass detail exploration android card ui detail screen detail view feed hybrid work ios mobile ui
    View Office Pass detail exploration
    Office Pass detail exploration
  12. Quick add prototype animation figma ios mobile quick add shortcut tray ui
    View Quick add prototype
    Quick add prototype
  13. Check-in Boop figma mobile mobile ux ui
    View Check-in Boop
    Check-in Boop
  14. Pass Screens android card ui feed figma figma design ios mobile pass reservation ui ux
    View Pass Screens
    Pass Screens
  15. Explainer Frame minimal popover productdesign tooltip ui
    View Explainer Frame
    Explainer Frame
  16. Death Race figma landing page minimal web
    View Death Race
    Death Race
  17. Sole Retriever Mobile ios mobile mobile app design react native sneakers
    View Sole Retriever Mobile
    Sole Retriever Mobile
  18. Airbnb for Desks calendar date picker design desks modal office picker reservations ui web design web ui
    View Airbnb for Desks
    Airbnb for Desks
  19. Sole Retriever Relaunch figma figma design landing page ui
    View Sole Retriever Relaunch
    Sole Retriever Relaunch
  20. Cassidy figma landing page recoleta
    View Cassidy
  21. Portfolio version 91251 big type design figma figmadesign gatsby gatsbyjs gopher illustration jeanluc portfolio portfolio design portfolio page portfolio site portfolio website single page typographic vector
    View Portfolio version 91251
    Portfolio version 91251
  22. Crunching the numbers blog figma graphic larsseit minimal
    View Crunching the numbers
    Crunching the numbers
  23. Floor Flicker android chrome chrome tv chromeboox chromecast figma figmadesign ios large display minimal tablet ui touch screen ui
    View Floor Flicker
    Floor Flicker
  24. Maptivity figma floorplan indoor mapping map office office map workplace workplace design
    View Maptivity
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