1. AOb — App Design poll results poll article news ux ui design mobile android react native ios iphone trade union union education
    View AOb — App Design
    AOb — App Design
  2. UI Elements — crop.video video player trim colors ux atomic symbols desktop webapp cropping editor crop.video video editing video web app web library components design system branding ui
    View UI Elements — crop.video
    UI Elements — crop.video
  3. Zuidema Influence Hub android ios design minimal learn dashboard tab bar app layout mobile tablet clean cards product design ui ux learning ipad mini ipad zuidema
    View Zuidema Influence Hub
    Zuidema Influence Hub
  4. crop.video website video video editting product design pricing social videos cat gradient brand ui branding landingpage crop.vieo webiste design
    View crop.video website
    crop.video website
  5. Editor sneak peek — crop.video navigation toolbar product design ui ux editing software video editor visual editor desktop app web web app webapp tool cropping editor video video editing crop.video
    View Editor sneak peek — crop.video
    Editor sneak peek — crop.video
  6. Cropping app Loading animation brand identity app after effects gradient minimal icon brand design brand loading animation logo animation logo branding
    View Cropping app Loading animation
    Cropping app Loading animation
  7. Cropping app logo branding gradient arrow responsive dynamic blue pink apple appicon icon colors colours logo design videogame cropping crop logo app
    View Cropping app logo
    Cropping app logo
  8. Isometric loading animation app ui branding vector isometric heart chat icon animation icon logo design animation loading loading animation
    View Isometric loading animation
    Isometric loading animation
  9. Animated Isometric illustration for an app pink checkmark contacts minimalistic minimal pastel message icon isometric animation loop animation gif vector branding design illustration
    View Animated Isometric illustration for an app
    Animated Isometric illustration for an app
  10. Scrum card game for Digital Accessibility playing cards contrast graphic design disability gamification colors icon design game scrum card icons accessibility card game cards print design branding
    View Scrum card game for Digital Accessibility
    Scrum card game for Digital Accessibility
  11. Talky, recording app concept iphone mobile apple ui design card dribbble app design minimal illustraion record voice ui app
    View Talky, recording app concept
    Talky, recording app concept
  12. Geweldige Wijk Custom Icons icons platform android ios app
    View Geweldige Wijk Custom Icons
    Geweldige Wijk Custom Icons
  13. Scheduled Blog web web design design typography scheduled app scheduled post nav bar illustration blog post blog
    View Scheduled Blog
    Scheduled Blog
  14. Scheduled Blog Card typography pagination blog blog card scheduled
    View Scheduled Blog Card
    Scheduled Blog Card
  15. An Interactive Greeting website gif sketch red minimal clean branding web ux ui design
    View An Interactive Greeting
    An Interactive Greeting
  16. The New Zuidema website icon sketch red minimal clean branding web ux ui design
    View The New Zuidema
    The New Zuidema
  17. Rethinking Zuidema.nl zuidema website web ux ui type layout interaction design client
    View Rethinking Zuidema.nl
    Rethinking Zuidema.nl
  18. Designer Meetup Sticker theme design-elements cursor amsterdam illustration sharing team design meetup sticker
    View Designer Meetup Sticker
    Designer Meetup Sticker
  19. Scheduled ux ui scheduled reminder notification mobile messenger iphone ios illustration design app
    View Scheduled
  20. Get reminded when it matters mockup ux ui project product-page bright-button illustrations website landing-page app message reminder
    View Get reminded when it matters
    Get reminded when it matters
  21. Open at the Close ux ui interface video illustration social share ios apps
    View Open at the Close
    Open at the Close
  22. Get notified team sneak-peek conversation gif project message ui ux website app notification illustration
    View Get notified
    Get notified
  23. Dribbble Meetup Rotterdam Sticker landscape clouds night-time vector sticker logo illustration sunset icon dribbble-meetup badge rotterdam
    View Dribbble Meetup Rotterdam Sticker
    Dribbble Meetup Rotterdam Sticker
  24. AMS Sticker Collection stickermule vector sticker logo illustration iconfinder icon elastique dribbble-meetup badge amsterdam ams
    View AMS Sticker Collection
    AMS Sticker Collection
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