App UI

February 20, 2013

Working out some color mods and UI tweaks with @Charlie on a Focus Lab client project. ( sorry to the guys with the previous comments, there was a couple pixels that needed correcting in the last upload ) Created with the Focus Lab team

SharePractice Logo

January 25, 2013

Some late night branding work in action. Sleep is overrated. Props to @Matt Yow for his work in this project. Edit: Sleep is not overrated. It is very necessary :) Created with the Focus Lab team -- If you are interested in our b...


January 18, 2013

Working out some new concepts with the team - @matt yow @Charlie Waite The UI has not been touched yet. That is a loose placeholder for the shot. UPDATE: So this has already been done. Back to the drawing board. Created with the F...

New Branding

January 11, 2013

Some early version handy work from the Focus Lab team on a new branding project. Props to @matt yow for his work in this! This shot is meant to be about the icon in this shot, obviously not the UI. The green is slightly off, it shoul...

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