1. Voodoo Gaming art direction art direction branding digital identity
    View Voodoo Gaming art direction
    Voodoo Gaming art direction
  2. Brand new Dixil Experience Hotel branding identity logo luxe
    View Brand new Dixil Experience Hotel
    Brand new Dixil Experience Hotel
  3. Citadium x Adidas app events fashion french screen
    View Citadium x Adidas
    Citadium x Adidas
  4. Ludovic Geheniaux Branding branding identity
    View Ludovic Geheniaux Branding
    Ludovic Geheniaux Branding
  5. Juste debout website art direction dance landing ui
    View Juste debout website
    Juste debout website
  6. Casa - Edition 2020 art direction folio ui uiux
    View Casa - Edition 2020
    Casa - Edition 2020
  7. Bonne Bouffe Branding branding color food food and drink logo visual visual identity
    View Bonne Bouffe Branding
    Bonne Bouffe Branding
  8. Camille Fournet Mobile design art direction homepage luxury mobile mobile ui ui ux webdesign
    View Camille Fournet Mobile design
    Camille Fournet Mobile design
  9. Camille Fournet Website art direction design homepage leather luxury ui ux webdesign
    View Camille Fournet Website
    Camille Fournet Website
  10. HRC-emploi Branding branding identity visual
    View HRC-emploi Branding
    HRC-emploi Branding
  11. EZYA branding branding french jewel jewellery logo
    View EZYA branding
    EZYA branding
  12. Independent creative pair brand identity branding duo editorial freelance luxury
    View Independent creative pair
    Independent creative pair
  13. Tracors Mobilis redesign house interior mood motion real estate ui uiux
    View Tracors Mobilis redesign
    Tracors Mobilis redesign
  14. CSA french council redesign art direction ui uiux
    View CSA french council redesign
    CSA french council redesign
  15. SCOR redesign dashboard ui design ui ux
    View SCOR redesign
    SCOR redesign
  16. Eben art direction ui ux visual design visual identity
    View Eben
  17. Crédit Agricole INDOSUEZ art direction banking luxe ui uiux
    View Crédit Agricole INDOSUEZ
    Crédit Agricole INDOSUEZ
  18. Brown University RFP art director rfp ui uiux
    View Brown University RFP
    Brown University RFP
  19. Nobilas redesign ui ui design ux
    View Nobilas redesign
    Nobilas redesign
  20. Safran product page interaction motion product safran ui ux uidesign
    View Safran product page
    Safran product page
  21. Travel Barcelona (animation principle) animation principleapp uiux
    View Travel Barcelona (animation principle)
    Travel Barcelona (animation principle)
  22. Redesign MYA Agency 2018 agency redesign
    View Redesign MYA Agency
    Redesign MYA Agency
  23. The Dedica Anthology Palace Redesign art direction motion redesign rfp web
    View The Dedica Anthology Palace Redesign
    The Dedica Anthology Palace Redesign
  24. Redesign Pijeli Fundation art direction redesign web
    View Redesign Pijeli Fundation
    Redesign Pijeli Fundation
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