1. Lyft - Video Ad video branding lyft animated motion after effects illustration animation gif
    View Lyft - Video Ad
    Lyft - Video Ad
  2. Listen Live Icon ui gif after effects motion motion design svg animated icon
    View Listen Live Icon
    Listen Live Icon
  3. InVision Studio - App Store Prototype ux ui scroll design cards animation apple prototype app store ios invision studio
    View InVision Studio - App Store Prototype
    InVision Studio - App Store Prototype
  4. Sonnet Redesign pt. 3 creative direction product design responsive design ui ux redesign design website
    View Sonnet Redesign pt. 3
    Sonnet Redesign pt. 3
  5. Sonnet Redesign pt. 2 creative direction product design ui ux web design website design
    View Sonnet Redesign pt. 2
    Sonnet Redesign pt. 2
  6. Sonnet Redesign website redesign design site sonnet insurance design lead creative direction ux ui product design
    View Sonnet Redesign
    Sonnet Redesign
  7. Sonnet - New Landing Page sonnet web visual design ux ui calculator product page minimalistic clean landing page
    View Sonnet - New Landing Page
    Sonnet - New Landing Page
  8. Sonnet Email Redesign marketing design redesign template newsletter email
    View Sonnet Email Redesign
    Sonnet Email Redesign
  9. Navigation Animation Concept motion gif design animation sketch photoshop concept prototype ux ui menu
    View Navigation Animation Concept
    Navigation Animation Concept
  10. Science Girl gif animation editorial science design title icon
    View Science Girl
    Science Girl
  11. More Testimonial Testing testimonials slider animation web design ui ux
    View More Testimonial Testing
    More Testimonial Testing
  12. Hi Sushi food art cute sushi character animation gif
    View Hi Sushi
    Hi Sushi
  13. Toggle/Switch user interface ui gif animated after effects switch toggle
    View Toggle/Switch
  14. You've You Mail tom hanks envelove envelope gif ui heart icon animation after effects
    View You've You Mail
    You've You Mail
  15. Animated Countdown top five gif count countdown numbers flat animation after effects
    View Animated Countdown
    Animated Countdown
  16. Lightning Dude loop iconography icon lines line ux ui iphone animated motion illustration gif
    View Lightning Dude
    Lightning Dude
  17. Fashion Magazine Ad tbt work design fashion print magazine ad
    View Fashion Magazine Ad
    Fashion Magazine Ad
  18. Going for a ride jean jullien motion graphics motion design motion illustration gif animation 2d
    View Going for a ride
    Going for a ride
  19. Winky House motion graphics. jean jullien motion design motion animation 2d illustration gif
    View Winky House
    Winky House
  20. Line Icons animated icons illustration gif simple line
    View Line Icons
    Line Icons
  21. Cineplex Cinescape Logo tilt-shift orange cineplex neon light light-up cutout paint geometric logo
    View Cineplex Cinescape Logo
    Cineplex Cinescape Logo
  22. Bob the Humpback Whale whale humpback motion graphics gif loop cycle animation after effects
    View Bob the Humpback Whale
    Bob the Humpback Whale
  23. Line Icons 2: The New Batch line simple gif illustration icons animated
    View Line Icons 2: The New Batch
    Line Icons 2: The New Batch
  24. Testimonials Animation loop flat testimonial quote illustration gif animation ae effects after
    View Testimonials Animation
    Testimonials Animation
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