1. Guess the movie! cloud tree flat line illustration music building
    Guess the movie!
  2. Social App sharing post activity navigation ui map fab diffuse shadow feed timeline ios sidebar
    Social App
  3. Activity Detail badge fab map mobile ios app todo event task schedule planner activity
    Activity Detail
  4. My Activities diffuse shadow fab map mobile ios app todo event task schedule planner activity
    My Activities
  5. Calendar Event day date time ui mobile ios dialog box pop up modal diffuse shadow schedule
    Calendar Event
  6. Unamused Egg food shadow breakfast illustration
    Unamused Egg
  7. Featured Books bright diffuse shadow read commerce bookstore ios mobile carousel
    Featured Books
  8. Post Collections shadow article ios mobile list categories carousel
    Post Collections
  9. Course Overview ios overview floating action button gradient diffuse shadow mobile learning education class course
    Course Overview
  10. Day Picker specific day weekend weekday day dekstop ui widget day picker
    Day Picker
  11. Setting Discount dialog ios ui deal promotion mobile pop up modal
    Setting Discount
  12. Date Picker gradient simple clean subtle picker month date picker
    Date Picker
  13. Hello ╮("•͡_•͡)╭  sparkle new year hello wave circular circle card
    Hello ╮("•͡_•͡)╭
  14. Last Minute Deal freebie discount deal graph mobile promotion grid minimal ios ui sales data
    Last Minute Deal
  15. Trip Package trip package mobile ui minimal clean adventure travel
    Trip Package
  16. Snow Orb avenir clean minimal wish snow blue ball orb card christmas
    Snow Orb
  17. Browsing Plants (revised) mobile buy swipe shop plant browse detail ios card app interface
    Browsing Plants (revised)
  18. Browsing Plants interface app ios swipe checkout card plant shop
    Browsing Plants
  19. Press Blog news web article blog press ui
    Press Blog
  20. News Page interface android ios typeface ui mobile app roboto news
    News Page
  21. Payment Page  mobile ui clean simple transfer cc card credit method payment
    Payment Page
  22. 404 Not Found interface site simple not found mobile http error 404 web search clean
    404 Not Found
  23. MOOC Landing Page roboto green clean grid photo featured search web desktop blue page landing
    MOOC Landing Page
  24. Music Player App clean roboto debut switch queue repeat shuffle album cover blur music music app
    Music Player App
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