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Closer Look at the TravelPack Platform

August 15, 2018

TravelPack is a concept for a travel experience platform that matches tourists with local guides to discover unknown cities. Here’s another part of the app’s interface – tour details, which includes a small tour description spiced up w...

Travel web

Travel platform

July 05, 2018

Sick and tired of traditional travel agencies with their dull websites? Well, here’s something that will definitely pique your curiosity. Here’s our concept of a web travel platform that connects travellers with people who may become th...

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Plane & Train Ticket Booking App

June 05, 2018

Oh, summer… the perfect season for pressing ahead with your biggest travel plans. Ibiza, Mallorca, Buenos Aires, Los Cabos, Solta – getting there quickly and comfortably isn’t a problem anymore, since we’ve got numerous travel apps for s...