My first job was a website designer worked at a big tech company after graduated from undergrad school in China. I self-taught website design software. I've been freelancing since 2005.

Then I studied animation and digital arts at USC SCA grad school. The USC MFA animation program is mainly focus on making animated films in all kinds of method. After I graduated, I freelanced animation jobs for awhile until I got a full-time graphic design job at Forever 21 HQ. I learned about marketing, trends and good team works beside designing. After learning and gaining multiple skills and experience, I realized my passion is still in technology. So I got UI / UX design certificates in 2 months (because there was not such a thing as UI/UX design in the past. And I caught up the current trends in tech). Currently I'm doing part-time UX / product design works while working on a full-time UI design job.

My goal is to become a unicorn designer!

West Los Angeles, CA

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