Christiana Motel Script

January 07, 2014

I recently drew a script logotype to accompany the other identity pieces for The Christiana Motel. This one will be fabricated into a sign for the side of the building itself. There's a whole set of collateral that I look forward to sha...

The Christiana Motel Sign

November 27, 2012

The Christiana Motel sign has been installed! The lettering is lit internally, and it has two strips of white neon tracing the exterior and the 'star'. Something I can strike off my bucket list.

The Christiana Motel

October 11, 2012

And, the master logo. Over the past while, I've had the pleasure of working on the re-brand of a circa-1955 Motel in Pennsylvania. I studied motel signage from the era for more than 2 weeks, comparing the essential elements and boiling...

Key Fobs

October 10, 2012

More bits and pieces from the project.


October 09, 2012

I was asked to throw-back to the late 50s/early 60s on this one. Part of a larger project I'm quite excited about, more to come!

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