1. Philadeplhia City Hall machine-learning satellite map
    View Philadeplhia City Hall
    Philadeplhia City Hall
  2. Wave water texture svg map
    View Wave water texture
    Wave water texture
  3. Population density detail dataviz map
    View Population density detail
    Population density detail
  4. Detail - relative segregation levels in Detroit neighborhoods detroit map
    View Detail - relative segregation levels in Detroit neighborhoods
    Detail - relative segregation levels in Detroit neighborhoods
  5. Pluralities cities map chart
    View Pluralities
  6. Hell's Kitchen Tribes cities new york map
    View Hell's Kitchen Tribes
    Hell's Kitchen Tribes
  7. High-Income Fadeout demography geography map
    View High-Income Fadeout
    High-Income Fadeout
  8. Sketch basemap detail, Grenoble geography map
    View Sketch basemap detail, Grenoble
    Sketch basemap detail, Grenoble
  9. Simple coastlines, simple borders geography map
    View Simple coastlines, simple borders
    Simple coastlines, simple borders
  10. Where the rails end map
    View Where the rails end
    Where the rails end
  11. Ski Decks ski map
    View Ski Decks
    Ski Decks
  12. Histograms dataviz distribution selectors
    View Histograms
  13. Density map density hexagon
    View Density
  14. Dot Size as Topography map terrain tilemill inkscape
    View Dot Size as Topography
    Dot Size as Topography
  15. Drawing Community map crowdsourcing tilemill sketch
    View Drawing Community
    Drawing Community
  16. D.C. in Motion map d3 svg vector tiles openstreetmap
    View D.C. in Motion
    D.C. in Motion
  17. Grand Canyon map terrain watercolor tilemill
    View Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon
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