1. Inking up a squid. vhs tape video player squid video
    Inking up a squid.
  2. Storyboarding a motion graphics package. creative direction design motion graphics storyboard
    Storyboarding a motion graphics package.
  3. overlays typography
  4. N n uppercase logo orange transparent typography harmonious
  5. mid century modern motif mid century modern motif circles lines grey
    mid century modern motif
  6. Curriculum Vitae  resume curriculum vitae cv graph
    Curriculum Vitae
  7. Rawwrr!! dinosaur socks cupcake illustration
  8. Album Cover Art album cover typography music layout
    Album Cover Art
  9. Ferry Tale Ticket heart ferry letterpress wedding ticket yellow boat ship seattle
    Ferry Tale Ticket
  10. Ferry Tale yellow seattle ferry heart boat ship logo
    Ferry Tale
  11. Groove Techs logo typography dj gestalt
    Groove Techs
  12. K plus A logo ligature monogram type wedding
    K plus A
  13. A plus K monogram logo type ligature wedding
    A plus K
  14. a storm is brewing seattle rebound city state clouds storm
    a storm is brewing
  15. Flying circus airplanes planes illustrations flying circus
    Flying circus
  16. year of the rabbit illustration rabbit crest logo
    year of the rabbit
  17. flywheel typography letterpress fancy script
  18. business card letterpress mock up letterpress blind deboss business card
    business card letterpress mock up
  19. website splash page website layout
    website splash page
  20. WIP oak tree for client logo oak tree silhouette illustration logo branding
    WIP oak tree for client logo
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