1. iOS 14 - Spotify Widget minimal ui music spotify widget 14 ios
    View iOS 14 - Spotify Widget
    iOS 14 - Spotify Widget
  2. Magazine Hero - Desktop website hero menu website ux ui minimal magazine blog
    View Magazine Hero - Desktop website
    Magazine Hero - Desktop website
  3. 2017 Portfolio Update minimal menu personal blog update ux ui design website portfolio
    View 2017 Portfolio Update
    2017 Portfolio Update
  4. Design -> Test -> Repeat js code flow prototiping prototype framer iteration user test ui ux design
    View Design -> Test -> Repeat
    Design -> Test -> Repeat
  5. Shapr - Sketch Plugin update free rectangle shape keyboard icon workflow ux design ui plugin sketch
    View Shapr - Sketch Plugin
    Shapr - Sketch Plugin
  6. UI Mobile - News posting app minimal read category update users articles news ios app mobile ui
    View UI Mobile - News posting app
    UI Mobile - News posting app
  7. New Portfolio! work about side scroll ux ui design portfolio
    View New Portfolio!
    New Portfolio!
  8. Card Interaction minimal interaction experience user effect tinder gif animation principle design ui card
    View Card Interaction
    Card Interaction
  9. UI Animation with Principle discover animate spring line icon ux design ui principle animation
    View UI Animation with Principle
    UI Animation with Principle
  10. WakeApp - Project minimal app users dashboard icon quotes rss feed alarm design ux ui
    View WakeApp - Project
    WakeApp - Project
  11. UI Guideline - Sketh template ui guideline sketch template design font color style guide free download
    View UI Guideline - Sketh template
    UI Guideline - Sketh template
  12. Alarm App WIP alarm ui design ux ios iphone clock quote weater icon dark morning
    View Alarm App WIP
    Alarm App WIP
  13. Movie Detail ui ux design movie cinema detail ticket icon tags star background rating
    View Movie Detail
    Movie Detail
  14. .design fun css design content king class flat ui material
    View .design
  15. Animation Profile UI - Timeline animation gif ui ux design timeline iphone square icon icons
    View Animation Profile UI - Timeline
    Animation Profile UI - Timeline
  16. Profile UI - Timeline iphone 6 ui ux timeline flat profile icon square 6 brown
    View Profile UI - Timeline
    Profile UI - Timeline
  17. Music UI - Vertical player icon ui design mobile iphone music app vertical background sketch lyrics playlist
    View Music UI - Vertical player
    Music UI - Vertical player
  18. Dribbble 5 Years Play dribbble 5 five years celebrate play community icon trash icons
    View Dribbble 5 Years Play
    Dribbble 5 Years Play
  19. Personal Website (WIP) website portfolio web design html5 css3 jquery blue gray icon code
    View Personal Website (WIP)
    Personal Website (WIP)
  20. Profile Widget widget profile ui web design icon icons facebook dribbble avatar background social
    View Profile Widget
    Profile Widget
  21. From sketch to code - Landing page scketch landing code coding page website design web slider hero flat process
    View From sketch to code - Landing page
    From sketch to code - Landing page
  22. Home Screen - UI App minimal home profile flat ui mobile voucher circle drag icon icons social
    View Home Screen - UI App
    Home Screen - UI App
  23. Brand Website (WIP) wip website layout icon color palette brand scroll icons web design social
    View Brand Website (WIP)
    Brand Website (WIP)
  24. Social profile link concept social follow list color flat hover blue dribbble facebook fade effect
    View Social profile link concept
    Social profile link concept
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