Architecture :: Firm Profile

June 20, 2019

Hi everyone, today I'm coming with a simple shot. Firm profile - After you scroll down of this one (Architecture :: Header :: Layout Exploration) . You will see this section. A simple introducing about the company and a slide to show the...

Architecture :: Header :: Layout Exploration

June 19, 2019

Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well. Today I'm happy to show you my new design in "layout exploration" collection. As usual, I would like to introduce something looks clean, trendy and something can make the user focus on the core mess...

Nowtickets :: Live Dates

June 05, 2019

Hi everyone, I'm working for Mass Impressions - A core part of the team behind world-famous players in entertainment. So I have the chance to work with many famous artists in the world. In this design, I just practice my free time with a...

Fox :: Layout Exploration :: First Screen

May 30, 2019

Hi Folks, I hope you're doing well. I want to show you my new shot, it is a piece of the "Fox" layout what I am working on as a design in "Layout Exploration" collection. In this shot, you can see the first screen when the user loads the...

Fox :: Layout Exploration

May 27, 2019

Hi Folks, Today I would like to show you my new layout exploration. The concept is a haft page scrolling with the right content will scroll up when you click next button, this can be used for the landing page of creative network, so the ...

Layout Exploration :: Architecture Inspiration

May 16, 2019

Hi everyone, Here is Tam again, and today I would like to show you my new layout exploration as always. Feeling great to explore more layout style. So hope you like it. ✋ Press "L" to appreciate it!. • Download Free UI Design Resources...

Layout Exploration

May 15, 2019

✋ Press "L" to appreciate it!. • Download Free UI Design Resources • Cesis WordPress Theme • Thefox WordPress Theme • How to Build and Enhance Your WordPress Site ✋ Themeforest - Facebook - Twitter - Behance - Instagram

Boxedwater :: Slides :: Layout Exploration

May 13, 2019

Hey Folks, Today, I've discovered a great photo pack on Unsplash by BoxedWater - I can't wait to use it for some layout in the exploration collection. One more simple interaction shot is coming very soon!! Image credit goes to Boxed Wa...