1. M stencil gradient m typography mark concept identity logomark logo branding
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  2. Kigoda logo triangle logomark wordmark branding identity logo
    View Kigoda logo
    Kigoda logo
  3. HCT logo wordplay wordmark branding identity logo hct
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    HCT logo
  4. Instagram Badges proxima nova share social button badge view follow instagram
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    Instagram Badges
  5. Wined wordmark wined typography logotype wordmark brand identity logo branding
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    Wined wordmark
  6. SVG Credit Cards icons svg vector credit cards sprite abobe illustrator icons
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    SVG Credit Cards icons
  7. Blade London blade logo identity typography branding wordmark logotype
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    Blade London
  8. Blade blade logo identity wordmark logotype typography branding
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  9. Toitoit crest detail toitoit logo identity branding origami shield bird crest logomark mark
    View Toitoit crest detail
    Toitoit crest detail
  10. Virtual Youth Choir futura typography identity branding logo eric whitacre virtual choir virtual youth choir
    View Virtual Youth Choir
    Virtual Youth Choir
  11. City of Cape Town logo concept exploration ideation logo identity branding brand typography cape town city of cape town
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    City of Cape Town logo
  12. Cognative logo cognative branding identity logo logomark zulu shield african mtb biking prater sans logotype
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    Cognative logo
  13. Cognative mask mountain biking native cog biking mtb african mask face zulu logomark logo identity branding cognative
    View Cognative mask
    Cognative mask
  14. Cognative shield mountain biking cognative branding identity logo logomark zulu shield african mtb biking cog native
    View Cognative shield
    Cognative shield
  15. #moonlightmass moonlightmass logo concept identity branding design cycle pictogram logotype moonlight mass
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  16. coda one-pager coda coda.co.za one-pager onepager website self-promotion branding identity personal
    View coda one-pager
    coda one-pager
  17. Therefour logo dots therefour identity illustrator branding brand logo mark icon symbol geometry soft pro word play
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    Therefour logo
  18. Monitor power button power button glow push photoshop vector ui monitor
    View Monitor power button
    Monitor power button
  19. k3 k letter logo identity branding logomark mark concept
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  20. LCD ui vector glow interface photoshop digits numbers display lcd light scratched screen reflection
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  21. Button button glow reflection push metallic gradients photoshop vector shiny interface ui
    View Button
  22. RunKeeper concept runkeeper runkeeper.com logo identity branding brand redesign concept idea aller typography time clock run icon logomark runner rebrand legs running
    View RunKeeper concept
    RunKeeper concept
  23. Cyborg self profile self cyborg bot head face vector illustration anonymous cutout digital trace
    View Cyborg self
    Cyborg self
  24. coda logo coda identity logo mark avatar icon iconography c typography digital logomark branding
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    coda logo
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