I am an experienced illustrator and designer with over 16 years of expertise. Drawing is not just my profession, but my true passion, allowing me to express myself through various forms of art. Holding a bachelor's degree in Design since 2006, I have dedicated my entire life to the world of creativity, with art influencing me from an early age.

Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in diverse mediums, ranging from digital illustrations to traditional canvas work, and I have even ventured into the realm of tattoo art. My versatility allows me to adapt my artistic style to suit different projects and bring ideas to life.

Inspiration for my creations stems from the world around me, including the beauty of nature, the joy of parenthood, captivating books, and the works of fellow illustrators. I firmly believe that with the right tools and an unwavering passion, any concept can be transformed into a captivating illustration.

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