1. E-waste falling gif animation waste rubbish e-waste
    View E-waste
  2. My new website website animation illustration
    View My new website
    My new website
  3. Legal Trouble aniamtion right to repair animation
    View Legal Trouble
    Legal Trouble
  4. seething animation seeth
    View seething
  5. Too much glue! animation too much glue
    View Too much glue!
    Too much glue!
  6. Weak Batteries cartoon cellphone mobilephone gif 2danimation animation
    View Weak Batteries
    Weak Batteries
  7. Broken Ports righttorepair cartoon cellphone mobilephone animation 2d animatedgif animated gif animation
    View Broken Ports
    Broken Ports
  8. Repairable by design explodeddiagram cartoon animation 2d mobilephone cellphone animation righttorepair
    View Repairable by design
    Repairable by design
  9. Cracked Screens! cellphone mobilephone cartoon animated gif animatedgif animation 2d animation rightorepair
    View Cracked Screens!
    Cracked Screens!
  10. END THE THROW AWAY ECONOMY animated gif gif illustration animation 2d animation
  11. The Death of Airpods apple righttorepair gif airpods animation
    View The Death of Airpods
    The Death of Airpods
  12. Comedy Night Poster - unused twotone piglet comedy posterdesign illustration poster
    View Comedy Night Poster - unused
    Comedy Night Poster - unused
  13. Comedy Night Poster comedy everythingwillbeokay fox bear wolf cat flickknife piglet procreate animals illustration poster
    View Comedy Night Poster
    Comedy Night Poster
  14. a bull and a bear characterdesign animation 2d 2danimation
    View a bull and a bear
    a bull and a bear
  15. Bloody Knight gif animated 2d animation duikbassel duik gif animation knight
    View Bloody Knight
    Bloody Knight
  16. Dancey Dance characterdesign dance 2danimation animation danceydance
    View Dancey Dance
    Dancey Dance
  17. Pointy dancer animation
    View Pointy dancer
    Pointy dancer
  18. Beanpoles illustrator vectorillustration vectorart illustration
    View Beanpoles
  19. Box to toolbox and back again toolbox box animated gif animation 2d animation squashandstretch
    View Box to toolbox and back again
    Box to toolbox and back again
  20. Moonlight Dachshund runcycle infiniteloopgif aftereffects vectorgraphic gif animation wiener-dog sausagedog dachshund
    View Moonlight Dachshund
    Moonlight Dachshund
  21. Family pen and ink family
    View Family
  22. Kiss and make up pen and ink kiss
    View Kiss and make up
    Kiss and make up
  23. Ginger Tom walkcycle
    View Ginger Tom
    Ginger Tom
  24. Walk cycle walkcycle
    View Walk cycle
    Walk cycle
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