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  1. Social Media Icons airbnb linkedin soundcloud flickr plus google facebook youtube vimeo behance twitter instagram
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    Social Media Icons
  2. Vimeo animation video motion vimeo focus lab
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  3. Vimeo: The Decade Theater typography wayfinding sticker sxsw film neon icon vimeo
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    Vimeo: The Decade Theater
  4. Social Media Platform digital motion nature media platform web video art flat creators vimeo interface platform news minimal media design dashboard social animation gif
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    Social Media Platform
  5. Video Websites like YouTube cover art blog video animation design websites igtv vimeo youtube
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    Video Websites like YouTube
  6. Vimeo Logo Animation motion animation 2d animation aftereffects after effects logodesign lettering animation lettering logo lettering cursor logo motion blue vimeo logo animation logo
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    Vimeo Logo Animation
  7. Focus Vimeo mark branding vimeo movement black color motion focus lab
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    Focus Vimeo
  8. Loop | Poster branding funny lol concert challange gif animated gif art gif animation internet meme online google web gif videos vimeo youtube art loop festival
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    Loop | Poster
  9. Reel 2017 ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) vimeo video motion ae character monkey portfolio works reel animation
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    Reel 2017 ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
  10. Video streaming platform clean preview trending catalog menu white blue vimeo youtube streaming movie video
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    Video streaming platform
  11. Vimeo Homepage Exploration clean ui movie vimeo homepage website video
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    Vimeo Homepage Exploration
  12. iOS app for video content sharing community mac sketch vimeo youtube sharing community video annotated wireframe iphone apple ios
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    iOS app for video content sharing community
  13. Preview — Good Talks video video player youtube vimeo minimal simple apercu minimalism clean ui web design webflow figma blue clean player minimalistic light blue and white ux ux ui
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    Preview — Good Talks
  14. Loop | Arquigrafía water vimeo tv playlist live bucket fish design ice bucket challenge grumpy cat youtube web videos online meme loop internet gif festival art
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    Loop | Arquigrafía
  15. Shapes Final Video after effects 3d 2d texture shapes minimal illustration clean animation vimeo
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    Shapes Final Video
  16. Vimeo Cover motion graphics ae
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    Vimeo Cover
  17. Vimeo concept - Mobile mobile interface mobile design visual design concept interface design ui ux vimeo
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    Vimeo concept - Mobile
  18. Light Video Player sketch download freebie free template modern clean vimeo comments youtube player video
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    Light Video Player
  19. Vimeo Redesign Concept - done! revamp challenge ui challenge ui design user friendly user interface controls video player concept redesign vimeo
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    Vimeo Redesign Concept - done!
  20. Responsive Vimeo Player - Sketch Freebie player freebie sketch vimeo
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    Responsive Vimeo Player - Sketch Freebie
  21. EmbedBetter wordpress dailymotion vimeo youtube web design and development video embed web development web design
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  22. Vimeo Illustration homepage vimeo illustration
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    Vimeo Illustration
  23. Vimeo Mobile App _ Redesign 03 invite upload play animation mobile dark theme video streaming website search bar experience tabs design navigation digital ux uidesign ui
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    Vimeo Mobile App _ Redesign 03
  24. Vimeo (Redesign) redesign video youtube vimeo
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    Vimeo (Redesign)
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