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  1. Task Modal tabs segmented control tags comments component design system modal task
    View Task Modal
    Task Modal
  2. Dark UI Elements dashboard user interface avatar input group elements ui elements uidesign app tabs button toggle checkbox dropdown input ux uiux ui product design
    Dark UI Elements
  3. Dark UI Elements, Dropdowns & Calendar app design notifications date picker dropdown input button checkbox search tabs calendar menu dropdowns product design user interface elements ui dark mode dark ui
    Dark UI Elements, Dropdowns & Calendar
  4. Google Bottom Bar Navigation Pattern - Mobile UX Design pattern explore discover toolbar bar top bottom navigation tabs tab app motion animation ui
    View Google Bottom Bar Navigation Pattern - Mobile UX Design
    Google Bottom Bar Navigation Pattern - Mobile UX Design
  5. Light UI Elements light theme ui kit product design ux input dropdown checkbox toggle button tabs ui elements elements input group avatar user interface dashboard
    Light UI Elements
  6. Sisyphus™ — dashboard sidebar colour variations menu side navigation navbar inter figma dashboard design saas light mode dark mode tabs navigation bar side nav sidenav navigation nav web app dashboard ui dashboard minimalism minimal
    Sisyphus™ — dashboard sidebar colour variations
  7. Segmented Control Interaction interaction design segmented control mobile design microinteractions ui animation animation ux design ui design ux ui tabs
    View Segmented Control Interaction
    Segmented Control Interaction
  8. Light UI Elements search checkbox tabs loader toggle button input date picker dropdown notifications ios mobile minimal app web design clean interface ux ui
    View Light UI Elements
    Light UI Elements
  9. Sisyphus™ — dashboard table filtering modal dashboard web app dashboard ui saas filter tabulation tabs tailwind inter light mode product design settings table layout cells filtering tables table design responsive dark mode
    View Sisyphus™ — dashboard table filtering
    Sisyphus™ — dashboard table filtering
  10. Material X design system UI kit - Figma Segments material mobile web design system ui kit app figma navigation nav segmented control segmented segments segment tabs
    View Material X design system UI kit - Figma Segments
    Material X design system UI kit - Figma Segments
  11. Sales orders list inventory sales checkbox edit tabs batch list table typography grid design ux clean dashboard app ui cards product design interface
    View Sales orders list
    Sales orders list
  12. Desktop Analysis timeline stats log preferences tabs switch settings categories tracking time desktop analysis
    View Desktop Analysis
    Desktop Analysis
  13. Page Headers metadata status breadcrumbs breadcrumb tab bar tabs tab detail object details object headline top header page design dashboard ui indianapolis indiana innovatemap
    View Page Headers
    Page Headers
  14. Sisyphus™ — dashboard profile settings dashboard app preferences dark mode responsive tabs minimal settings ui admin sidenav product design inter tailwind web app dashboard design user profile system admin settings saas dashboard ui dashboard
    View Sisyphus™ — dashboard profile settings
    Sisyphus™ — dashboard profile settings
  15. Tab Bar clean button ui interface interaction ux app navigation design tabs navigation bar ios tabbar tab bar navigation
    Tab Bar
  16. Feature Section Detail – Stocklabs newsfeed market watchlist chats graphs analytics stocks stocklabs live demo tabs dark mode web app webdesign section feature modern dark minimal ux ui
    View Feature Section Detail – Stocklabs
    Feature Section Detail – Stocklabs
  17. Tab Bar active animation micro interaction interface mobile app ux ui codepen active icon tabs menu animation app mobile tab bar
    View Tab Bar active animation
    Tab Bar active animation
  18. Metrix tabs table reports cases filter search nav popover app web app icons menu ux ui
    View Metrix
  19. DuckDuckGo Tab Previews interaction design browser tabs browser duckduckgo mobile ui ios tabs
    View DuckDuckGo Tab Previews
    DuckDuckGo Tab Previews
  20. Interaction #26. Bottom Tabs / Search interaction library loaders scroll adding tabs tiles list loader physical typing search dashboard interaction app mobile ui ux
    View Interaction #26. Bottom Tabs / Search
    Interaction #26. Bottom Tabs / Search
  21. Icon Micro Interaction2 webdesign component controls interaction button branding logo illustration ui ux design app animation icon design icon tabs tab tabbar
    View Icon Micro Interaction2
    Icon Micro Interaction2
  22. Cimple Finder - Dashboard search feed tabs upgrade icons tags webapp dashboad typography blue cards design interface significa ux ui desktop
    View Cimple Finder - Dashboard
    Cimple Finder - Dashboard
  23. Figma iOS design kit - Tabs and Segmented controls ui kit ux design figma app ui iphone mobile ios filters filter placeholder skeleton navigation segment segmented control tabs tab
    Figma iOS design kit - Tabs and Segmented controls
  24. Tab Bar Micro Interaction mobile app ui navigation tabs tab pictogram icon animation 2d interaction micro interaction animation bottom nav bottom bar bottom tabbar
    View Tab Bar Micro Interaction
    Tab Bar Micro Interaction
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