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  1. Thread Surgeon (fka The Patchsmith) Rebranding. the patchsmith patch patches stitching brooklyn new york city nyc thread surgeon badge emblem typography logomark brand identity logotype branding logo design logo growcase
    View Thread Surgeon (fka The Patchsmith) Rebranding.
    Thread Surgeon (fka The Patchsmith) Rebranding.
  2. Cross Stitching Tools texture yarn scissors beer can cross stitching cross stitch design illustration
    View Cross Stitching Tools
    Cross Stitching Tools
  3. Sip 'N' Stitch Poster event design poster yarn embroidery hoop beer cross stitching cross stitch texture illustration
    View Sip 'N' Stitch Poster
    Sip 'N' Stitch Poster
  4. Boundy App Icon illustration app idenity branding stitching photo stitch icon app icon
    View Boundy App Icon
    Boundy App Icon
  5. Stitching Embroidery Mockup branding cloth fabric stitching effect text showcase presentation logo embroidery template psd mockup download pixelbuddha
    View Stitching Embroidery Mockup
    Stitching Embroidery Mockup
  6. Eephus Hats are here! stitching embroidery eephus baseball apparel hat
    View Eephus Hats are here!
    Eephus Hats are here!
  7. 💯 Cross-Stitch diy handmade embroidery emoji art 💯 100 cross-stitching cross-stitch emoji
    View 💯 Cross-Stitch
    💯 Cross-Stitch
  8. sew sew sew photoshop after effects sewing stitching
    View sew sew sew
    sew sew sew
  9. Star Creations Logomark logomark star sew sewing needle thread stitching logo branding illustration icon
    View Star Creations Logomark
    Star Creations Logomark
  10. Finished Embroidery for my Wife stitching canvas art embroidered patch embroidered cordoroy fabric illustration art banner wallart bunnies dogs illustration embroidery
    View Finished Embroidery for my Wife
    Finished Embroidery for my Wife
  11. Quilts focus lab color patchwork quilts stitching logotype branding xwp
    View Quilts
  12. STC Hat baseball cuts shadows stitching monogram mock-up orange hat
    View STC Hat
    STC Hat
  13. XWP Typography typography focus lab color patchwork quilts stitching logotype branding xwp
    View XWP Typography
    XWP Typography
  14. Thread Division cartoon creative illustrator illustration embroidery digitizing nebraska crumby creative vector art fabric stitch stitching sewing needle thread spool embroidery
    View Thread Division
    Thread Division
  15. Long Picture Stitching Onboarding guide page onboarding stitching picture photo
    View Long Picture Stitching Onboarding
    Long Picture Stitching Onboarding
  16. Stitching Change typography minimal logo illustration design branding design branding brand design brand
    View Stitching Change
    Stitching Change
  17. Wood workshop Kit workshop flat illustration woodworking hex key ratchet tool box clamp wrench stitching awl screwdriver pliers punch monkeywrench mallet hammer calendar design drawing illustration tool
    View Wood workshop Kit
    Wood workshop Kit
  18. Needles illustration thread stitching needles needles needle
    View Needles
  19. stitching myself back together line drawing thread needle hand
    View stitching myself back together
    stitching myself back together
  20. Steller Handcrafted Goods Logo clothing clothing brand real minnesotans minnesota stitching scandinavian nordic graphic design logo graphic design branding
    View Steller Handcrafted Goods Logo
    Steller Handcrafted Goods Logo
  21. Skull and Clubs shield society dead engraved stitching identity visual branding design brand graphic sport golf stars bones design branding illustration icon mark logo
    View Skull and Clubs
    Skull and Clubs
  22. Stitch Life Logo stitching brand identity branding graphic design art vector graphic design logo cross stitch embroidery
    View Stitch Life Logo
    Stitch Life Logo
  23. Dribbble Debut - Sweater Stitching snowflakes trees holidays debut sweater christmas
    View Dribbble Debut - Sweater Stitching
    Dribbble Debut - Sweater Stitching
  24. The Original Wood Pennant // Stamp stamp stitching north handmade circle wood pennant badge logo
    View The Original Wood Pennant // Stamp
    The Original Wood Pennant // Stamp
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