1. Getting Schooled ben stafford branding custom design geometric inline letter n logo mark north school slab serif vector wide
    View Getting Schooled
    Getting Schooled
  2. 10 Years of Logomarks & Monograms ben stafford branding design geometric graphic design letter letters logo logomarks logos mark monograms vector
    View 10 Years of Logomarks & Monograms
    10 Years of Logomarks & Monograms
  3. Buzz Buzz, Little Bee bee ben stafford branding buzz design flower geometric graphic design honey illustration insect logo mark nature pollinate scalable spring texture vector
    View Buzz Buzz, Little Bee
    Buzz Buzz, Little Bee
  4. Hicks Honey - Logo beekeeper beekeeping ben stafford branding design geometric h monogram hicks honey honey jar logo mark sweet texture vector
    View Hicks Honey - Logo
    Hicks Honey - Logo
  5. Mr. F ben stafford branding custom depth design f geometric letter logo mark shadow texture vector
    View Mr. F
    Mr. F
  6. Nike Pickleball - April Fools' Day april fools ben stafford branding design geometric letterform logo mark nike pickle ball pickleball prank sports texture vector
    View Nike Pickleball - April Fools' Day
    Nike Pickleball - April Fools' Day
  7. "Ministries of Truth?" - Editorial Collage 1984 advertising american flag ben stafford blacklisted browser collage conservative design editorial editorial illustration illustration ministry of truth orwell texture world world magazine
    View "Ministries of Truth?" - Editorial Collage
    "Ministries of Truth?" - Editorial Collage
  8. Eclipse Coffee - Logo ben stafford branding coffee design eclipse geometric logo mark solar space sun vector
    View Eclipse Coffee - Logo
    Eclipse Coffee - Logo
  9. SoulSessions - Logo app ben stafford branding design geometric hourglass logo mark music relaxing soulsessions time vector
    View SoulSessions - Logo
    SoulSessions - Logo
  10. Filibuster - Logo ben stafford brand branding bust design filibuster geometric hot logo mark pop rocket star tower vector
    View Filibuster - Logo
    Filibuster - Logo
  11. Quala - Logo ben stafford branding design geometric koala logo mark q quala vector
    View Quala - Logo
    Quala - Logo
  12. Sample Based - Logo beats ben stafford branding design geometric logo mark monogram music music bar music staff musical notation sample based sb sb logo staves vector
    View Sample Based - Logo
    Sample Based - Logo
  13. Ashe Manor - Book Cover ashe manor ben stafford book book cover design eerie geometric gritty illustration mystery teeth texture thriller tooth
    View Ashe Manor - Book Cover
    Ashe Manor - Book Cover
  14. Marigold - Album Cover album cover album cover design artist ben stafford design flower geometric illustration marigold mattox mattox shuler music music album symmetry texture vector
    View Marigold - Album Cover
    Marigold - Album Cover
  15. Chain LinkedIn ben stafford branding chain chain link design equilateral triangle geometric link logo logomark mark metal tri triangle trinity vector
    View Chain LinkedIn
    Chain LinkedIn
  16. Collage Concept - EMPATHY ben stafford collage concept conceptual design editorial editorial illustration empathy illustration silhouette texture
    View Collage Concept - EMPATHY
    Collage Concept - EMPATHY
  17. Full Send 📭 ben stafford bird branding design envelope fast flying geometric illustration logo mail mark postage postal service speedy texture united states usps vector
    View Full Send 📭
    Full Send 📭
  18. ☀️🏠 ben stafford branding bright cheerful design geometric happy house logo logomark logotype registered sun sunhouse sunny sunrise sunset type
    View ☀️🏠
  19. Pliancy - Detour ben stafford blog header collage design digital collage illustration journey layers pliancy texture transportation travel
    View Pliancy - Detour
    Pliancy - Detour
  20. Werewolf Gang ben stafford branding design full moon geometric graphic design howl howling illustration logo mark moon negative space vector wolf wolfgang wolfpack wolves
    View Werewolf Gang
    Werewolf Gang
  21. You Art What You Eat art avocado ben stafford digital food geometric healthy illustration paint painting print texture
    View You Art What You Eat
    You Art What You Eat
  22. Therefore Snow And Make Disciples ben stafford bible branding christian cross design geometric gospel jesus logo mark ski skiers skiing snow snowboaders snowboard snowboarders skiers for christ snowflake vector
    View Therefore Snow And Make Disciples
    Therefore Snow And Make Disciples
  23. Sharper Than Any Two-Edged Sword ben stafford bible cross design geometric graphic design hebrews logo mark scripture spray paint stencil sword texture two-edged sword
    View Sharper Than Any Two-Edged Sword
    Sharper Than Any Two-Edged Sword
  24. Hawk Stock & Barrel ben stafford bird color design eagle editorial flight geometric hawk illustration texture vector wings
    View Hawk Stock & Barrel
    Hawk Stock & Barrel
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