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  1. Run Cycle duik bassel duik green 2d run cycle illustration loop character after effects motion motion graphics animation
    View Run Cycle
    Run Cycle
  2. Growing Mind brazil vector rubberhose duik bassel rig flat characteranimation flatdesign character design illustration aftereffects motion animation
    View Growing Mind
    Growing Mind
  3. Lottie motion design 2d animation web jump after effects rubberhose duik joysticks n sliders character animation bodymovin lottiefiles
    View Lottie
  4. Sweetness Explosion design vector duik bassel explosion chocolate kid rig characteranimation flatdesign rubberhose character illustration aftereffects motion animation
    View Sweetness Explosion
    Sweetness Explosion
  5. Chocolate or Gift? duik bassel design vector flat characteranimation character illustration rubberhose animation aftereffects motion
    View Chocolate or Gift?
    Chocolate or Gift?
  6. run cycle loop character walk cycle run cycle rigging duik bassel duik after effects motion motion graphics motion design animation
    run cycle
  7. Toucan 2.5 Rigg joystick n sliders after effects animation duik 2d animation aftereffects joysticks n sliders rigg toucan
    View Toucan 2.5 Rigg
    Toucan 2.5 Rigg
  8. How to be a Pigeon illustration flat loop motion duik rigg pigeon logo 2d motiondesign aftereffects animation
    View How to be a Pigeon
    How to be a Pigeon
  9. Lego Logo Animation fall duik motion kit motiondesignschool character logo lego after effects animation
    View Lego Logo Animation
    Lego Logo Animation
  10. Talk duik rubberhose rig 2d animation illustration motion
    View Talk
  11. Floss - DUIK Bassel Rig with After Effects duik dance illustration ae character animation motion graphics character after effects gif animation 2d
    View Floss - DUIK Bassel Rig with After Effects
    Floss - DUIK Bassel Rig with After Effects
  12. Emma Rig duik duik bassel joysticks n sliders woman aftereffects character 2d fertility animation ae after effects rigging rig
    View Emma Rig
    Emma Rig
  13. Eating chocolate duik bassel rubber hose rigging easter motion animation character illustration flat  design kid chocolate
    View Eating chocolate
    Eating chocolate
  14. Pirate test rig rig pirate character design 2d sliders joysticks duik
    View Pirate test rig
    Pirate test rig
  15. Dexter Laboratory duik ui illustration motiondesign infographic aftereffects rigged 2d dexter character animation animation
    View Dexter Laboratory
    Dexter Laboratory
  16. Happy Family brazil duik bassel explainer motion character animation design vector illustration animation aftereffects
    View Happy Family
    Happy Family
  17. Tidying up a project aftereffects duik rig loop cycle walk 2d
    View Tidying up a project
    Tidying up a project
  18. Security guard animation 2d duik duik bassel animated gif animated security characterdesign character aftereffects animation
    View Security guard
    Security guard
  19. Pigeons in love duik 3d motion flat logo icon loop motiondesign aftereffects animation 2d
    View Pigeons in love
    Pigeons in love
  20. WIP Car duik rubberhose rig 2d animation illustration motion
    View WIP Car
    WIP Car
  21. Pigeon Pigeoff joysticks n sliders duik animation motion gif motiondesign 2d pigeon rigg rig loop after effects
    View Pigeon Pigeoff
    Pigeon Pigeoff
  22. Rocket Space mograph vector duik bassel flatdesign design aftereffects animation illustration rubberhose motion launch planet kid easter character space rocket
    View Rocket Space
    Rocket Space
  23. Huggy Christmas duik bassel duik illustration motion graphics 2d christmas tree tree christmas rigging character characteranimation after effects motion design animation
    View Huggy Christmas
    Huggy Christmas
  24. Super Character Animator Logo brazil duikbassel duik rubberhose illustration flatdesign characteranimation characterdesign animation motion course
    View Super Character Animator Logo
    Super Character Animator Logo
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