Accordion Shots

633 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Steps Sidebar

    Notch Interactive Notch Interactive Team Meg Taylor Meg Taylor Pro

  2. The Feathered Bard

    Matt Anderson Matt Anderson Pro

  3. Menu (Rebound)

    Nicola Armellini Nicola Armellini

  4. Modals - Real or Dribbble Style? 😀

    bahanotdead bahanotdead Pro

  5. Insoft – Careers page

    Insoft Insoft Team Valery Pevnev Valery Pevnev Pro

  6. Real Estate Free Move

    Significa Significa Team Mário Rodrigues Mário Rodrigues Pro

  7. Accordion iOS Icon

    Konstantin Datz Konstantin Datz Pro

  8. Day 079 - Collapsable Sidebar

    Paul Flavius Nechita Paul Flavius Nechita

  9. I love it when you play

    Zhang 张小哈 Zhang 张小哈 Pro

  10. Zeta Express - Remote Food Ordering

    Zeta Zeta Team Saptarshi Prakash Saptarshi Prakash Pro

  11. Flåm :: Accordion

    Revølve Studio Revølve Studio Team Andrew Baygulov Andrew Baygulov Pro

  12. French Accordion

    Brittany Kolar Brittany Kolar Pro

  13. Art4web — Careers page

    Art4web Art4web Team Lukas Majzlan Lukas Majzlan Pro

  14. Zeta Express - Pull To Close

    Zeta Zeta Team Saptarshi Prakash Saptarshi Prakash Pro

  15. Daily UI "Accordion Cards Experiment"

    Bruvvv Bruvvv Team ★ Giulio Cuscito ★ ★ Giulio Cuscito ★ Pro

  16. Week 30 - Online Course App Concept (Dark Mode)

    Devanta Ebison Devanta Ebison Pro

  17. Password error animation #2

    Aaron Iker Aaron Iker Pro

  18. Week 29 - Online Course App Concept (WIP)

    Devanta Ebison Devanta Ebison Pro

  19. Accordéon

    TrySoda TrySoda

  20. Woodland Wonderland Folk Band

    Brad Woodard Brad Woodard Pro

  21. Music Icons

    Jokūbas Jokūbas Pro

  22. Accordion Interaction

    Underbelly Underbelly Team Markus Willbee Markus Willbee

  23. roland iOS Icon


  24. Album Artwork

    Rogie Rogie Pro

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